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EVERY DAD EVER is a Smosh main channel video.


Sometimes they can be a little hard on us. Sometimes they embarrass us in front of our friends. But at the end of the day, we love our dads! 


The video starts with a teenager named Bobby (Noah Grossman) using his iPhone 5c for a bit. His dad (Luke Barats) enters the room with a methamphetamine pipe. He asks Bobby if it was his but Bobby shakes his head. His dad starts to explain to Bobby that when he was a kid, his dad told him to smoke the cigarettes in the box until he never wanted to see a cigarette again. Bobby does not approve of his dad making him smoke the pipe. However, Bobby's dad pulls out a gun pointing out Bobby needs to smoke methamphetamine.

The first clip shows a father (Ian Hecox) reading a newspaper with his coffee cup. Suddenly, a worried daughter (Courtney Miller) runs to his dad and says their mother has gone lost. Although, her dad is ignoring her. The daughter's dad replies saying "I don't know, ask your mother".

The second clip shows a father (Elliot Morgan) about to take trip to Arizona with his teenage son (Noah Grossman) and his wife (Lee Newton). He explains to both participants that they can't take any more stops to the bathroom. He pulls out a bottle full of pee. However, his son disapproves of this. His mother pulls out a bag called a "Thirst Aid" bag and injects her son with water so he can pee and take no more stops.

The third clip shows a girlfriend (Olivia Sui) and a boyfriend (Anthony Padilla) about to make out. Although, the boyfriend is afraid because the girlfriend's dad (Lee Eisenhower) has a shotgun and is forcing them to have sex. The two start making out with the boyfriend blocking the girlfriend's face.

The fourth clip shows two lovebirds (Olivia Sui and Noah Grossman) and a father (Joe Bereta) approaching them. He asks if the two want to hear a joke before they go. The two respond okay but the boyfriend is not satisfied. While passing the joke, the father poops his pants pointing out a fart joke. He tells his wife he pooped his pants and the wife laughs because it was a classic joke.

The fifth clip shows a teenager (Keith Leak II) and an adopter (Reggie Couz) playing catch with a football. The teenager however doesn't agree with them playing catch and tells the adopter he is not his real father and he hates sports. The teenager passes the ball with the adopter passing it back hitting the unfocused teenager. The adopter approaches the teenager and gives him raw meat. The teenager says he is vegetarian but the adopter forces him the eat the meat to stop the bruise.

The sixth clip shows two lovebirds (Courtney Miller and Noah Grossman). The teenage boy says he thinks dad is dressing up like a maid to get closer to them after the wife and husband's divorce. The divorced husband (Shay Carl), who is currently the maid, and with an awkward accent, says he finished the dishes. The divorced wife (Lee Newton) says she knows it's her divorced husband. The divorced husband/maid replies saying the divorced wife says Francesca very weird. The divorced husband/maid starts mowing the lawn.

The seventh and final clip shows a gangster father (played by popular YouTube prankster Greg Benson) with a Pontiac G8 Convertible driving towards the two best friends (Olivia Sui and Courtney Miller) who are girls. The daughter's best friend is shocked having to see her dad with gangster wardrobe and with a sports car. The dad asks the two if they saw his "Snapchat" post earlier. One of the best friends or the father's daughter says it's Snapchat. Her dad shows off but she is not satisfied with his style. The two start walking home and the dad continues attempting to show off. The video ends with the subscribe screen:

"If you wanna see more Every [Blank] Ever videos, make sure you hit that subscribe button."
—Subscription Ending

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