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EVERY CAT EVER is a Smosh video, uploaded on July 28, 2015.


Cats are so cute and make really great pets. But they're also weird and gross and can be complete A-holes! If you have a cat, these things have definitely happened to you!


The video starts with a cat named Mittens (Ian Hecox) licking his paw. The owner (Anthony Padilla) starts calling Mittens, wanting him to sit on his lap. Mittens ignores him, so he leaves the room with the owner's butt shown in front of his face.

The second clip shows a cat named Fluffy (Olivia Sui) taking a nap. The owner (Shayne Topp) wakes her up and asks him what "that" is. Fluffy starts chasing the laserlight.

The third shows the owner (Keith Leak II) of a cat named Heathcleve (Noah Grossman) reading a chapter book. He starts to notice Heathcleve licking his private and says it is nasty to do that. Heathcleve replies telling him to get his "mind out of the gutter".

The fourth clip shows the owner (Ian Hecox) of a cat named Abby (Courtney Miller) pouring cat food into Abby's plate. Abby seems to not want the food, so she throws cat food into the owner's face and scares him.

The fifth clip shows Fluffy (Olivia Sui) from clip two still trying to grab the laserlight. She starts to get angry as she tries to catch the light.

The sixth clip shows the owner (Courtney Miller) of a cat named Meow Meow (Keith Leak II) asking the cat how he got up there. Meow Meow replies he wanted to jump on high stuff and it's scary. The owner asks him to jump into her "embrace".

The seventh clip shows a cat named Putt Putt (Anthony Padilla) wanting to jump across onto the next counter in the kitchen. The owner (Olivia Sui) says not to do it, but Putt Putt ignores her and does it anyway. However, he falls into the floor.

The eighth clip shows Heathcleve (Noah Grossman) from clip three grabbing a dead bird with his mouth and showing it to the owner (Keith Leak II). The owner is disgusted, but Heathcleve asks him how he's supposed to show love for the owner. The owner replies saying Heathcleve doesn't understand life.

The ninth clip shows the owner (Courtney Miller) of Meow Meow (Keith Leak II), both from the sixth clip, showing Meow Meow that he has a new cozy bed. Instead of laying down in the bed, Meow Meow puts himself inside the box, in which he calls a "mansion", where the cat bed was packaged and says that he will stay inside the box. The owner asks him to be careful.

The tenth clip shows the cat Heathcleve (Noah Grossman), who was shown in clips three and eight, excited because he found a chipotle burrito. Heathcleve quickly barfs the chipotle burrito.

The eleventh and final clip shows Fluffy (Olivia Sui) still trying to chase the laserlight while the owner (Shayne Topp) enjoys the chase. Fluffy ends up smacking her face into a wall.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Courtney Miller

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Noah Grossman

Shayne Topp

Trivia / Goofs

  • This is the first video from Smosh that has subtitles.
  • In the seventh scene, when the cat tries to jump across the counter, the horrendous rendition of "I Believe I Could Fly" from Food Battle 2012 was heard.