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EVERY BREAK UP EVER is a Smosh video, uploaded on August 11, 2015.


As long as people have been dating, they've also been breaking up. No matter what the reason, or how long it's been, it always hurts... Especially if there are rocks involved.


The video starts with a couple eating in a restaurant. The girlfriend (Olivia Sui) asks his boyfriend, Jason (Ian Hecox) to talk with her. Jason notices his girlfriend fidgeting and not drinking her wine, and thinks she is pregnant. The girlfriend says she isn't pregnant, and Jason replies asking if she has cancer. The girlfriend still says no, and Jason is shocked while asking if he has cancer. The girlfriend says no. Jason is relieved that he does not have cancer, until he realizes his girlfriend wants to break up with him.

The second clip shows a woman (Olivia Sui) texting his boyfriend (Keith Leak II), and says she needs some space to find herself. The boyfriend replies saying he will always be there for her. The woman thanks him, and thanks him back. She quickly puts her phone in her shirt and answers to the marriage saying "Yes!" to his other boyfriend. The man asks who she texted, and she responds saying "nobody". They continue walking down the road.

The third clip shows a couple, in which the girlfriend (Courtney Miller) tells him she is breaking up with her boyfriend (Noah Grossman). She also says it is not his fault, but hers. The boyfriend is confused whether she is breaking up with him or herself. The girlfriend responds saying it is not his fault but hers. The boyfriend now gets what the girlfriend is saying, but responds saying she is breaking up with herself.

The fourth clip shows the same couple from the second clip but this time a different man (Keith Leak II). While the girlfriend (Olivia Sui) plays with the boyfriend's nipple, the other boyfriend (Shayne Topp) goes inside the room, quickly noticing the two laying down in bed. The girlfriend says it is not what it looks like, but the other boyfriend says she is sleeping with another man. The girlfriend agrees with him.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Noah Grossman

Olivia Sui

Keith Leak II

Courtney Miller

Shayne Topp

Trivia / Goofs

  • At 0:18, Lee Eisenhower and Felicia Cowley are behind Olivia Sui.