EVERY BIRD EVER is a Smosh video and the 38th episode in the Every Blank Ever series.


Birds - whether it's flying into windows, being in the road at the worst times, hatching eggs, and more, this is Every Bird Ever!

Video Summary


Scenario 1:

The video commences with Noah quietly sitting on a sofa in the living room reading a book. A human-sized gray bird (Shayne) then comes up to the window, bumps into it, and falls, disrupting Noah from his reading. The bird can actually talk; he apologizes for bumping into the window. However, the bird is fine and Noah returns to his reading. The bird bumps into the window once more, and the scenario repeats. The third time, Noah is alarmed by the bird sticking to the window, and he falls from the window, complaining of bone pain. Noah quickly turns his head away and seems disturbed or saddened by what he witness.

The title card appears and Noah narrates "Every Bird Ever."


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