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EVERY AMAZON EVER is a Smosh main channel upload. It is the third consecutive Every Blank Ever upload to treat subject of material consumerism. Noah Grossman is absent from this video, with the exception of his voice.


Shopping online - whether it's drone deliveries, that weird Amazon Echo that won't stop listening, or more, this is Every Amazon Ever!

Video Summary


Scenario 1

A man (Shayne) and woman (Courtney) are having a mundane office conversation, when the man brings up Amazon drones, neither knowing what happened with them. The drones, off-screen, then arrive with their heavy-weight purchases, dropping them on top of each of them. Courtney is hit with weights and a safe, inexplicably getting up unharmed, but unnerved. After Shayne is knocked down, he is still in good spirits and able to drink a beverage while crushed by an anvil. He may die at the conclusion of the clip.

Courtney then says "Every Amazon Ever!" and the stylized title appears.

Scenario 2 (part 1)

A male (Ian) is seated in an armchair with his laptop reading reviews for lightbulbs. His girlfriend/wife (Olivia) comes to check on him to make sure he is staying on task. After some time passes, he is looking up products on Amazon when he is supposed to be looking at lightbulbs. However, she is not mad and is only aroused by his looking at chicken wire and wants to see the product photos.

Ian then speaks an anecdotal line, transitioning to the next clip.

Scenario 3

2 males who allegedly became intoxicated the previous night are asleep in their respective chairs. The first male (Shayne) wakes up with a start, his crushed drink cup still on him and asks how much they drank. Alex (Keith) does not feel great either. The doorbell then rings, Amazon having delivered the 500 kazoos they were going to use in the band that they had decided last night they were going to start. Shayne's character beings playing the kazoo to Alex's chagrin. With his hangover, he ultimately leans over the chair and throws up.

Ian then speaks another anecdotal transitional clip about the literal meaning of Amazon.

Scenario 2 (part 2)

The man and his wife are now seated on a sofa together happily reading a very old World Book from over 40 years ago.


The video was mostly well recieved but the comments exhibited the opposite. Many commenters engaged in the trend of proclaiming that Smosh is running out of ideas and has experienced "a fall from grace".

However, these comments are not uncommon and consists of a vocal, but minority of Smosh's audience and/or former viewers.

Other comments featured suggestions of new Every Blank Ever videos and stories of Amazon encounters from other commenters.


  • This Every Blank Ever video has fewer scenes than usual.
  • This video skipped that week's scheduled Smosh main sketch video.
  • Smosh provided a link to their Amazon Prime Video account in this video's description.
  • The number part of the address of the main couple in the video is 8236.
  • One may debate as to whether the voice during the bathroom scene is Shayne or Noah.