Epic Trailer Gone Wrong
September 18, 2015
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EPIC TRAILER GONE WRONG is a Smosh video released September 18, 2015.


In a world with a narrator who controls everything, one man must try to live his life while being messed with. Until one day when that man is tired of the narrators crap and decides to get even!

Short Plot

Ian plays a happy man with a wife. A narrator, portrayed by Anthony, takes it all away and foils his every move. Ian remains positive until he finally cannot take it anymore and tells a camera that is filming him that the narrator is going to feel his wrath. The film crew, off-camera, tell him where the narrator is and he goes to the narrator building, where he takes some revenge on the narrator, who once again foils his moves and prevents him from speaking. Ian finally beats the narrator at his own game, but then talking with the receptionist at the narrator building, accidentally destroys the entire world, having gained narration abilities himself.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Courtney Miller

Brittni Barger

Shayne Topp

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