EPIC Crocs Explosion | Mystery Crocs - Part 2 w/ Felicia Day is the 26th episode of the Smosh Games series Gaming With A Twist. It was released on November 15, 2019. It is the second part of a two-part series.


Our #Havocado Crocs adventure with Felicia Day continues with what may just be the most EPIC Croc explosion we’ve ever seen!

Big thanks to Felicia Day for joining in on the fun. Check out her new book, Embrace Your Weird, now!

Also check out Felicia Day’s podcast here!

Thanks again to Lasercorn for joining us! Subscribe to his channel:



The loser of each round had to pwear crocs filled with various condiments.


Round Player 1 Player 2 Score Loser Crocs
1 Courtney Shayne 5-4 Shayne Chrome (Chocolate)
2 Damien Lasercorn 4-5 Damien Lime (Honey)
3 Felicia Mari 0-5 Felicia Tye Dye (Yellow Mustard)
4 Courtney Sarah 3-5 Courtney Camouflage (Shaving Cream)
5 Lasercorn Mari 5-4 Mari American (Hot Applesauce)
6 Sarah Lasercorn 4-5 Sarah Pink (Cottage Cheese)


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