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EMO HAIR is an episode of Smosh released June 24, 2016.


An intervention is happening... Danny! At The Disco, Mandy Massacre, and Gerrit will stop at nothing to bring Anthony's emo hair back.

Extended Plot

Anthony is in bed. He wakes up one morning and sees three emo people standing in front of him. They introduce themselves as Danny! At The Disco (Shayne Topp), Mandy Massacre (Courtney Miller), and Gerrit (Just Gerrit) (Keith Leak Jr.). The reason they have come to him is because they want Anthony to regrow his emo hair, as his hair reached a "certain level of emo" that hasn't been around ever since. When Anthony refuses to do so and demands that the Emos leave his mom's house, Gerrit proceeds to attack him, rendering him unconscious.

When Anthony comes to, he is tied up and discovers that they have kidnapped him to a garage. Danny then explains that if he doesn't want to be emo, they'll make him emo. After debating about popular emo music, (including Pete Wentz no longer having emo hair and talking about Weezer), the Emos demonstrate their take on emo music: a short song with the lyrics "Stop lying to me!", stating that it's about pain (Danny), deception (Mandy), and "GEORGE W. BUSH" (Gerrit).

Just then, a knock is heard on the garage door. It's Ian, who was bothered by the noise Anthony and the Emos were making while he was doing yoga. When explaining the situation and after Ian admits how funnier he was with emo hair, Anthony simply tells Ian to save him. However, when Ian attempts to open the garage door, he points out that it's locked, to which Danny explains that he needs to reveal the password, the slogan that binds all emos, to unlock it. After Ian guesses correctly on the first try ("Cut my wrists and black my eyes"), Gerrit reluctantly opens the door, and Ian demands that they release Anthony immediately, to which they refuse. This escalates into a fight between the Emos and the Smosh Duo, with little to no actual hitting.

After a while of pointless non-contact fighting, Mandy is devastated to see the stripes in her hair fall off. The Emos then pull out their straightening irons, recite My Chemical Romance lyrics as an ode to the hair, and prepare to use them on Ian and Anthony. Luckily, the two of them manage to distract the Emos by stating that Bring Me The Horizon is across the street as they escape through their fringe side.

Back at Anthony's house, he says that he won't grow his emo hair back, and that he didn't need to learn anything because he was right all along. Ian agrees, while stating that he learned to "always be yourself". Anthony wonders when Ian learned that as he walks away. It's then revealed that earlier, Ian was confronted by a group of people with bowl haircuts (Noah Grossman, Olivia Sui, and Ryan Todd), who told him to embrace his bowl cut because they're holding his mother hostage, just as the Emos tried to do with Anthony.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Shayne Topp

Courtney Miller

Keith Leak II

Olivia Sui

Noah Grossman

Ryan Todd


  • The old man who says "Freakin' bath salts!" returns in this video, saying the line when he witnesses the fighting scene.
  • Similar to how Anthony eventually cut his emo hair after he said he would "keep it" in Food Battle 2013 Announcement, Ian eventually changed his bowl haircut to a more natural cut a few months after this video.
  • Several references to Emo music are made in this video:
    • Panic! At The Disco - Danny's name resembles the band's name.
    • Twenty-One Pilots - Anthony brings them up as his new favorite kind of music and recites a line from their song "Stressed Out" ("And now we're stressed out").
    • Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy - Anthony points out that Pete no longer has emo hair, and shows the Emos a photo of him to prove it.
    • Weezer - Mandy quotes the lines from their song "Say It Ain't So" after seeing Pete Wentz's photo, while everyone gets into a minor debate over what genre their music really is.
    • Hawthorne Heights - The password for opening the garage door was "Cut my wrists and black my eyes", which is a featured line in the chorus of their song "Ohio Is For Lovers".
    • Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco - Gerrit shouts "I WANNA MAKE LOVE TO BRENDON URIE!"
    • My Chemical Romance - After Mandy's highlight stripes fall out of her hair, Danny recites lines from the song "Welcome To The Black Parade" ("Though you're dead and gone, your memory will carry on"). Ironically, the band's lead vocalist, Gerard Way, has stated that he hated Emo music.[1]
    • Bring Me The Horizon - Anthony mentions them as a distraction to the Emos, as he and Ian escape from their clutches.
  • Anthony would get his emo hair one last time for a day the next year by viewers' choice.