EAT IT OR YEET IT #2is a Smosh Pit video released on June 4th, 2019. It is a part of the ongoing series hosted by Courtney, EAT IT OR YEET IT

Video Description

"EAT IT OR YEET IT is BACK, and the food is even weirder than before! Is this mystery item CHEESE? Will Sarah get the worst bite again? Watch and find out!"


  • Ian - Umeboshi Guacamole (Pickled Plums, Guacamole)
  • Lasercorn - Brownies & Gravy (Brownies, Sausage Gravy)
  • Shayne - Cereal & Egg Whites (Pasteurized Egg Whites, Wheat Square Cereal)
  • Sarah - Cheese Jello (Gelatin, Goat Cheese, Blue Cheese, Milk)
  • The Big Bite: Noah - Porto's Cake (Literally Mango Cake) 


  • The video was originally titled: IS THIS CHEESE? - EAT IT OR YEET IT.
  • The bucket used to spit out foods is officially dubbed "The Yeet Bucket"
  • The Garrett Cam is introduced in this episode
  • The Smosh members featured in this episode are given credits with their social media handles.
  • References to Food Girl and Put It In My Mouth are made in this episode.

Fan Interaction

  • Sarah commented saying: 'This video is just me failing over and over again.' It received over 1.1K likes.
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