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Doctor Dilf M.F.T. PSY. D. PHD is a character introduced in 2019 and played by Jessie Kane Gill.


Courtney Makes Ian & Damien Go To Therapy

After Courtney pestered Ian and Damien into therapy, they sat down in the waiting room of her office, where they encountered Dumpster Wizard, whose eccentric behavior eventually terrorizes them into attempting to flee until the wizard seemingly teleports them into a jail cell, where the two have a therapeutic heart-to-heart conversation over their flaws and fears, and they find themselves back in the waiting room.

Dr. Dilf greets them and informs them that they were simply having a panic attack on the floor and the wizard was merely an old man who lives in a nearby dumpster. She asks Ian and Damien if they are ready to begin their appointment, which they decline and leave in hearty laughter. However, Dr. Dilf verbally considers them cured and thanks the old wizard, who pops up as his jingle plays.


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Courtney Makes Ian & Damien Go To Therapy


  • Dr. Dilf's name is a reference to "DILF", an acronym similar to "MILF" that stands for "Dad I'd like [to] fuck".
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