Donut Massacre 64 is a fictional N64 game Anthony played in Food Battle 2009 as his successful attempt at the "video game" challenge. According to an in-joke seen in HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!, the game has been released as "Donut Massacre 3D", for 3DS, following the same story as Star Fox 64 in STAR FOX TV SHOW!


According to how Anthony played the game, he played as a burrito that held two handguns and shot various donuts in his path. He started the game by jamming his burrito into the N64 to make the game start, and he also blew on it like a cartridge's edge connector.


  • When the burrito shoots donuts, the donuts bleed either blood or blood-resembling jelly.
  • Despite being an N64 game, the game is notably 8-bit, unlike the N64's 3D perspectives. This would probably be suitable for the Game Boy or NES than the Nintendo 64.
  • In the Smosh video HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!, in the scene where Hugh Jasshol was watching the latter video, a video can be spotted representing a commercial for Donut Massacre 3D when not focusing on the video.
  • The thumbnail used for the Donut Massacre 3D commercial in HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE! is actually a thumbnail for a video about a fan-made version of Donut Massacre 64.
  • The song playing in the game is now the Smosh Games outro.
  • Smosh made a game based on this game called "Food Battle: The Game".
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