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Does Keith Resent Ian? is the 33rd episode of SmoshCast, hosted by Ian Hecox, Keith Leak Jr. and Noah Grossman. It was released on October 2, 2019 on podcast platforms and on October 4, 2019 on the SmoshCast channel.

Video Description

Ian, Keith, and Noah talk about adapting to their new roles at Smosh, coping with depression, and why Keith resented Ian for the longest time.

4:27 - Put It In A Contract
13:29 - How Noah Lost His Fake ID
20:46 - Keith’s Wellness Journey
34:03 - Should Keith Going To Therapy?
43:39 - How Noah Has Changed Over The Years
48:50 - Why Keith Resented Ian
54:10 - Noah Spills Defy Tea


  • A highlight clip of this podcast was released on SmoshCast on the same day as the podcast version should have been released.