"Destigmatizing Our Mental Illnesses" is the 52nd episode of the SmoshCast, hosted by Damien Haas, Kevin Rygg and Keith Leak Jr.. It was released on February 26, 2020 on podcast platforms and on February 28, 2020 on the SmoshCast channel.

Video Description

Damien, Keith, and Shredditor Kevin Rygg talk about the many ways that their mental illnesses have impacted their lives.

1:58 - Meet Kevin!
3:38 - Keith’s New Catch Phrase
8:40 - Damien Recaps Tour
11:02 - Keith’s Anxiety Struggles
22:00 - Damien Gets Lost in Japan
30:56 - Kevin, The ADHD Senpai
54:10 - Damien Gets Ready for Australia
1:02:58 - Our Cancels of the Week

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