Debs is Pubertina's friend and is often seen with her. She is younger and shorter than Pubes and seems to be much smarter than her. She also a little bit mischievous. Debs also calls Pubes "Tina," unlike the other characters in the series, who just call her "Pubes."

Debs has been seen to be very protective of Pubes, as seen in Boy Crazy, when she throws a ball at three boys laughing at Pubes, shouting, "She's a human being!" In Deb's Obsession Part 1, Debs celebrates the seven month anniversary of her and Pubes's friendship, where she starts exhibiting some strange obsessive behaviors, going as far as collecting one of Pubes's used tampons to put on her album. Debs gets really upset when Pubes decides that the two need to take a break from their friendship.

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