"I mean, you've got fighting, and you've got scantily clad women. I don't really see how this game could go wrong."

Dead or Alive 5 First Impressions is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Dope! or Nope. In this episode, Jovenshire and Lasercorn try out the new fighting game Dead or Alive 5.

It was released on October 2, 2012, alongside the Backseat Gaming episode RESIDENT EVIL 6.


NOTE: These are just shallow first opinions. NOT A REVIEW!

Lasercorn and Jovenshire jump into Dead or Alive 5 to see if it's any good.


Dead or Alive 5 First Impressions final verdict

Final Verdict


  1. Joven doped for the character intros.
  2. Joven and Lasercorn doped the 3D camera, allowing them to view all sides of the victor.
  3. Lasercorn doped the graphics in the cutscenes.
  4. Lasercorn and Joven doped a stage transition sequence in a fight.


  1. Lasercorn noped the fact that he nor Joven saw any playable character in bikinis, which, in their opinion, is a staple of the franchise.
  2. Joven and Lasercorn noped the lack of projectiles.
  3. Joven and Lasercorn noped the lack of visible body damage, i.e. blood or bruises.
  4. Joven noped the controls, citing them as "klunky" and "all over the place".
  5. Lasercorn noped the lack of any finishing moves.
  6. Lasercorn noped the lack of a jump button.
  7. Lasercorn noped the cutscenes for "not making any sense".

Final Verdict

With a total of 4 Dopes and 7 Nopes, Dead or Alive 5 recieved an overall Nope.


  • Lasercorn "noped" the first stage's electrified fence, as he wanted to knock Joven out of it, but this was never counted.
  • Joven wanted to "nope" because he lost the first round, but Lasercorn vetoed it.
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