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David Moss (born April 23, 1984), more commonly known as Lasercorn, is an American YouTuber and a part-time member of Smosh Games. Before coming to Smosh, he worked at Mahalo Games and Clevver Games with Joshua Ovenshire and Matt Sohinki, both of whom joined Smosh Games with him in September 2012 when Clevver merged with Smosh to create Smosh Games. On August 5, 2017, Lasercorn announced that he, along with Sohinki, were no longer full-time members of Smosh Games. However, between 2017 and November of 2018, Lasercorn still made occasional appearances on the channel - notably for videos such as BIGGEST GAME BANG EVER! and both seasons of Smosh & Order.

Following the seventh SmoshCast teaser, SMOSH GAMES IS BACK!, it was revealed that both Lasercorn and Mari would be returning to Smosh Games as part-time members. He last appeared in Mystery Top Hat Challenge! - Max Gentleman

Show Hostings


In the past, Lasercorn appeared on both Clevver Games and Mahalo Games, and in 2011 Lasercorn's first appeared in Lasercorn's 1st Vlog on his YouTube channel. On September 2012 he joined Smosh Games, along with Jovenshire and Sohinki. He also has his own channel called Lasercorn, which was created on February 26, 2013.



From June 2014 to 2017, Lasercorn's hair had been dyed orange. He had to dye it this colour after losing a Cage Match to Sohinki, the footage for which can be seen in 22nd June 2014's bonus video. As an added forfeit, he had to keep it this color for an entire month. He admitted on a Twitch stream that he was too lazy to dye it again (either orange or his natural hair color), so he was going to wait until it washed out. He also said that he had been considering dying it again, with either red or green, but he may have been joking. Lasercorn later revealed that he'd been secretly hoping for an excuse to dye his hair orange for some time, and that if you looked closely at the original video in which he lost the Cage Match, it would be clear that he was not trying as hard to win as he normally would.[7]

Since his original dye job, Lasercorn has made many alterations to his hair, but has almost always stuck to different variations of orange. For some time after his original color change, he let it grow out to its original brown, before dying it orange once again in the February 2015 video EXTREME HAIR MAKEOVER. Later, after a promise to do so if a third Star Wars Battlefront game came out, Lasercorn had his hair shaved into an imitation of the Jovenhawk, fittingly dubbed the "Laserhawk". A few months later, he briefly dyed his hair blond, before returning to the original orange. In mid-2017, he began dying his hair in a mixture of orange and yellow, before adding red to his hairstyle later that year. In early 2018, the colour of his hair was a faded mixture of red and orange, before he had his dye job redone once again. As of 2019, the sides of his hair remain bright orange, fading to a paler orange on top of his head.

Leaving Smosh Games

On August 5, 2017 Lasercorn uploaded a video on his personal channel, titled Lasercorn's Next Step (originally titled "Lasercorn Leaving Smosh Games?") stating that he was no longer a full-time member of Smosh Games. He explained that he stood down because he wanted to be able to have his own schedule and spend more time with his son. He also says that it was his own personal choice and he is still close to everyone on Smosh Games. The next day, he, Sohinki, YouTuber Amy Lynn (misshabit) and Pamela Horton, Ian's former girlfriend, created the channel ToasterGhost. Despite no longer being being regular Smosh cast members, Lasercorn and Sohinki continued to make occasional appearances on the channel.

Appearances After Leaving Smosh Games

Post-Defy Shutdown

When Defy Media first announced it would close down its Beverly Hills office, Lasercorn posted a video explaining what that would mean for Smosh and the different consequences it could have. When Defy announced the complete shutdown of the company the following day, Lasercorn posted a second video telling people not to bother watching the first because of how much had changed since it was posted. In this second video, he disclosed that he was one of many ex-employees that Defy owed money to, expressed concerns over whether Smosh should search for a new parent company, and gave a generalised confirmation to any companies that any time a job applicant spent with a Defy-owned channel should be considered an asset.

Additionally, Lasercorn made a statement in the video inviting everyone from Smosh and Smosh Games to collaborate with him anytime. True to his word, he shot many videos featuring Wes, Joven, Mari and Sohinki that aired across all their respective channels, and included Damien in later uploads. Lasercorn also made guest appearances on Matt Raub's Scener series "Cringe Party", where they reacted to cringeworthy movies and TV episodes.

Return of Smosh Games

In the seventh episode of SmoshCast, Lasercorn officially revealed that he would be returning to Smosh Games when the channel relaunched, along with Mari. Although it is currently unknown whether or not he has returned on a full time basis, he has since been shooting videos more frequently with the cast. Smosh Games officially returned on April 10th, heralded with a studio tour, while their first 'gaming-centric' video was uploaded on April 13th, 2019, featuring Ian, Courtney, Damien, Mari and Lasercorn competing in a Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament.


  • Lasercorn gets his nickname from a tattoo on his right shoulder-blade of a unicorn shooting a laser from a rocket launcher on its back. Jovenshire gave him the name after seeing the tattoo and asking if he could call him Lasercorn, to which he replied, "I'm weirdly okay with that."
    • Lasercorn got his tattoo several years ago when his friend Ryan was leaving to serve in the marines in Afghanistan. Lasercorn invited him to do anything he wanted the weekend before he left, in response to which Ryan asked if they could get tattoos. Lasercorn got his lasercorn tattoo, while Ryan got Samuel L. Jackson riding a T-Rex. Lasercorn has said on a few occasions that Ryan's tattoo is the only tattoo in the world he considers superior to his own, and in 2019 he posted a picture of them both showing off their tattoos at Ryan's wedding.[8]
    • Lasercorn's tattoo was referenced strongly in the Robot Unicorn Tattoos! Game Bang, where the loser would get a tattoo based on Lasercorn's drawn on their back with permanent marker.

Lasercorn and Brina on their wedding day

  • He is married to Sabrina "Brina" Moss, a fitness trainer who has yet to be actively shown in any videos. They first met at a children's summer camp, where they were both acting as counselors,[9] and got married soon after Lasercorn joined Smosh Games. Their first child, Tyler Moss, was born on January 28, 2015.[10]
    • Even though she has not been formally introduced on any Smosh-based channels, Brina makes a brief cameo in GETTING WET IN A WATERPARK. She can be seen in the background while Shayne is talking about how the sun "hates" him, and again sliding down the sled slide, when she briefly screams at the camera.
    • Brina is rarely referred to by name when mentioned on any of the Smosh channels, with the cast members, viewers and Lasercorn himself preferring to call her "Laserwife".
  • Lasercorn loves to shoot people in the testicles in any game with a gun or bow.
  • As shown in the many dancing Game Bangs based around motion-control dancing games, Lasercorn has proven to not be a very good dancer, landing in the bottom three on seven out of eleven occasions (excluding Just Dance Rematch, where he came first, Breaking It Down In 2014, Just Dance Like No One is Watching and Halloween Just Dance!!).
    • He has had to do the punishment on four out of eleven occasions (and is currently the player who has done the second most dancing punishments): Just Dance 4 Hilarity, Don't Stop the Hip Hop, The King of Pop Would Be Proud, and It's a Game Bang Ho-Down, having come in last place in all but Just Dance 4 Hilarity.
    • In later dancing-based Game Bangs, Lasercorn has occasionally forfeited from competing. However, as of October 2018 he has competed in all the most recent installments of Halloween Just Dance.
  • Lasercorn is a writer and founder for the web comic series "Poorly Drawn Shark"
  • Lasercorn is a huge fan of the toys Dino-Riders, saying that he loved them when he was little and expressing his idea for a Dino-Riders video game.
  • Lasercorn is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, having both read the books and watched the TV show.
    • He has claimed that he would be Dornish, as he wouldn't really involve himself in fighting.
  • His signature move during Kinect challenges is "Raptor Claws"
  • He has mentioned in a personal channel video that he used to work as a lifeguard.
  • Under his real name, Lasercorn participated in a 2009 episode of American Ninja Warrior wearing a green morphsuit, but failed to make it through the obstacle course. He confirmed this in November 2013 in a Q&A video on his personal channel.
  • Lasercorn is the oldest member of the Smosh Family.
    • The American Ninja Warrior footage on his channel presented him as "David Moss (25), Editor", offering one of the first on-camera hints to his age in comparison to other members.
  • Lasercorn was known for his character "Riot Shield Man," a series on Clevver Games about a man with a riot shield in Modern Warfare.
    • Sohinki occasionally joined him as "Knife Man Guy"
    • Riot Shield Man has been featured both in a Smosh Games Bonus video and on his personal channel.
  • Lasercorn shares his real name with a national hockey player for the Phoenix Coyotes.
  • The first time Lasercorn met Joven and Sohinki was at a former job for Mahalo Games, where Lasercorn made Starcraft videos.
  • Until 28 March 2014, Lasercorn held the record for most consecutive wins on Smosh Game Bang with 4 (PlayStation Smash Bros, Mario Mud Tackling, Protect the Flag and Bustin Makes Me Feel Good (21/12/12-11/1/13)).
  • Lasercorn's father Jeff Moss appeared in a special video uploaded on June 10th, 2014, which saw Lasercorn and Sohinki playing against their dads in a "grudge match".
  • In a Q&A video on his own channel, he has stated that he considers himself to be the best Smosh Games gamer (or at least, the most balanced).
  • Within Smosh, one of Lasercorn's defining characteristics is that he is often portrayed in videos as having criminalistic tendencies, along with showing varying levels of insanity; he is often casually referred to as both a murderer and an arsonist, including other forms of illegal behavior on occasion.
    • While the original idea of Lasercorn being a semi-sane evil mastermind probably stems from his actions in MariCraft and Grand Theft Smosh, Lasercorn has fully accepted this interpretation of his actions, and often makes use of it when he plays a character or an exaggerated version of himself.
    • Other Smosh members have commented that they believe Lasercorn would willingly murder them if he had to (or even if he just felt like it), and have often portrayed him in speaking as a villain, tyrant or simply as insane - though presumably they are always joking.
    • In keeping with this, it has been shown that he attracts a notable amount of fear (at times) from the other Smosh members, or at least on camera. A notable example would be in Attack On Lasercornia, where everyone was terrified and unsettled by Lasercorn's calm approach after they had destroyed Lasercornia, his Minecraft village, or when Joven once refused a dare from Sohinki to eat Lasercorn's food because Lasercorn would "beat [him] up".
  • In Why We're Single videos, Lasercorn has shown the tendency to repeat the theme of the video (i.e. the subject that will be talked about), prior to his answers to the theme. This linguistic 'formula', if you will, is then often followed by "let's see..."
  • Its been implied in multiple videos that he is actually very lazy, illustrated by things like aspiring to be a Snorlax from Pokemon and admiring how it can disrespect authority out of laziness in Apparently We're Lazy Dicks, throwing a pillow at Jovenshire for waking him up and refusing to cook breakfast in Comic Con Breakfast.
  • Lasercorn was the first member of the Smosh Family to get married, and as of June 2019 is still the only member to have a child.
    • Out of the four original Smosh Games members, Lasercorn is currently one of three who are married, the others being Mari and Joven.
  • One of his most well-known intros is the "Laser-stare" in which, with a neutral expression, he will open his eyes wide and slowly tilt his head to his right in a disturbing and terrifying manner.
  • Ian and Lasercorn were forced to dance to the song (I've Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes whilst reenacting the dance from the movie Dirty Dancing as punishment in Just Dance 4 Hilarity causing the creation of what fans and other members call Iancorn, which is often referenced in other videos.
  • He made a bet saying that if a new Star Wars Battlefront game was released he would get a mohawk, and he mentions in Top 5 Most Anticipated Games that he will keep his promise after finding out on Wikipedia about the games possible release.
  • Lasercorn has bdellophobia (a fear of leeches) which was explained in Characters That Make Us Wanna Puke, where he says that that it originated from when he was in a camp and he had gone swimming in the camp lake and a camp counselor warned him of leeches in the lake while he was still swimming and has been paranoid and afraid of leeches ever since.
    • He also indicated that he has a fear of Teletubbies which caused him to get nightmares as a child, and admitted in a video on his channel called "Teletubby Nightmare" that he thinks Tinky Winky is the scariest teletubby.
  • Lasercorn has said numerous times that Bulletstorm is his favorite video game, expressing this through actions such as wearing a Bulletstorm T-shirt, putting Grayson Hunt (the protagonist) on top 5 Anti-heroes and mentions talking about it a lot in Best and Third Person Shooter Kills whilst talking about the kills. He often places the game on the top 5 lists and mainly states his disappointment in the lack of a sequel to the game.
  • Lasercorn did the ALS ice bucket challenge on another channel called davemossmedia.
  • He has tendencies to make up facts in order to succeed in a game then immediately saying that the viewer shouldn't research it. This was lampshaded in one episode where it is called "lazerfact" this tendency was created in Let the Super Fight Begin! where he tried to win a round by saying that Aquaman subdued the Hulk by using a whale.
  • He has said numerous times that he hates Nickelback, even saying in Let the Super Fight Begin! that a spider would commit suicide after listening to him.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it was actually Lasercorn who slurred the 's' in Death Bus to give it its more famous name and later blamed it on Jovenshire, as revealed during a brief flashback in the Air Death Buth episode.
  • Lasercorn is by far the most insane and destructive member of the crew during episodes of Grand Theft Smosh, to the point where most deaths, blasts, explosions, cop attacks, robberies, and generally any activities that involve utterly destroying stuff, are blamed on him, and rightfully so. He seems particularly addicted to sticky bombs.
  • He hates to be called by his real name.
  • In Shapes Are Hard in Geometry Wars 3 he states he has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and because of this found it difficult to play the game.
  • Lasercorn also appears on Game Shakers
  • He has a dog named Lady.
  • Lasercorn is one of three Smosh members from Ohio, along with Wes Johnson and Keith Leak Jr. Lasercorn is from the "Cleveland area"[11], while Wes and Keith are from Cincinnati and Middletown, respectively.
  • In DISTURBED FRIENDS w/ SMOSH GAMES, it was revealed that he was held back in kindergarten.
  • In the Grand Theft Smosh Trigger Game Lasercorn has been directly responsible for both double triggers, double triggering Joven when he said 'pick up' after Wes said 'bridge' and triggering Flitz when Lasercorn said 'explosion' and immediately after he said 'stunt jump'. He is also the only player to have illegally 'self trigged', which he did out of frustration.
  • During a late 2018 video on Mari's personal channel, Lasercorn confirmed that he is half-Jewish, but never had a bar mitzvah.


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