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DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS is an episode of Board AF, released by the Smosh Games channel. In it, the group played the game Truth Bombs, which was created by Dan and Phil.


The comment section was fairly vocal about the fact that the crew played the game incorrectly - something Damien Haas would later admit when he played the game using the right rules with the Smosh Squad. In the comments of the Smosh Games version, someone commented via the channel that they had played it four times and that that had been their favorite way to play. The rules below are the custom rules used for this video and NOT the official rules of the game.

  1. The judge for that round draws five question cards and assigns them to colors that correspond to blanks on the notepad provided with the game (Note: five question cards were used because there were five players other than the judge at all times. Adjust as necessary).
  2. The players pass the pad around and take turns answering one question apiece without saying aloud which one each is answering. Only one answer is allowed per person, and the questions are first-come first serve. This means that the first person to receive the pad can answer any one of the five questions, while the last person can only answer the question that remains. Meanwhile, the judge records their own answers on a separate sheet.
  3. The judge reads aloud their own answers and compares them to the answers given by the other players. Each answer they identify as a match gives the player who wrote it one point.
  4. The judge than chooses their favorite answer out of all the ones provided by the other players - independent of whether they were accurate. The player who wrote this personal favorite then receives one point.


Bold = Correct (in "Answer given")

Italics = Best Answer

Round 1 (Damien)

  1. What is the one thing they'd save from a fire?
    • Correct answer: His cats
    • Answer given: Damien's cats
      • Written by: Mari
  2. What form of torture would make them confess everything?
    • Correct answer: "Chewing loudly near my ear"
    • Answer given: Holding his cats over a fire
      • Written by: Wes (?)
  3. What did their parents shout out the moment they were born?
    • Correct answer: His mother: Zzz... His father: Yay?
    • Answer given: "It's a girl!"
      • Written by: Flitz (?)
  4. If they were an app, which app would they be?
    • Correct answer: Vine*
    • Answer given: Task Rabbit**
      • Written by: Joven
  5. What is in the Recently Deleted section of their phone photos?
    • Correct answer: Selfies
    • Answer given: Selfies
      • Written by: Boze

Round 2 (Mari)

  1. What thought goes through their mind at least once a day?
    • Correct answer: Alien copulation
    • Answer given: "I wish I was a giant man"
      • Written by: Joven
  2. How will they die?
    • Correct answer: "I'd be 105 years old learning Kung Fu"
    • Answer given: On an adventure, probably on a mountain
      • Written by: Boze
  3. If you had a baby with them, what would you call it?
    • Correct answer: Amraterasu
    • Answer given: Amraterasu
      • Written by: Flitz
  4. If they could be anywhere right now, where would they be?
    • Correct answer: Mars
    • Answer given: Japan
      • Written by: Wes
  5. If they could time travel, where would they go?
    • Correct answer: Gallifrey
    • Answer given: Feudal Japan
      • Written by: Damien

Round 3 (Boze)

  1. What is the last illegal act they committed?
    • Correct answer: None
    • Answer given: *Censored* ***
      • Written by: Mari
  2. What unlikely item would you find in their body if you X-Rayed them?
    • Correct answer: A sewing needle
    • Answer given: Tetris blocks ("Constantly playing")
      • Written by: Damien (?)
  3. If they ran for the government, what would their slogan be?
    • Correct answer: "Y'all best get to them polls"
    • Answer given: "Vote for your boy! Boi"
      • Written by: Wes (?)
  4. What would you buy them in a Secret Santa?
    • Correct answer: Kitchen appliances
    • Answer given: A toaster with hot dog slots
      • Written by: Joven
  5. What would their dream romantic date activity be?
    • Correct answer: An underwater hotel
    • Answer given: A Spanish music concert
      • Written by: Flitz

Round 4 (Wes)

  1. What do they secretly have a tattoo of and where is it?
    • Correct answer: "A white ink Triforce on my hand"
    • Answer given: A cupcake with sprinkles
      • Written by: Unrevealed (possibly Damien)
  2. What do they desperately need in their life?
    • Correct answer: A kid
    • Answer given: An IV drip of sugar water
      • Written by: Unrevealed
  3. Which three words best describe this person?
    • Correct answer: Tall, nerdy, child
    • Answer given: Candy, guns and puppies
      • Written by: Unrevealed (possibly Joven)
  4. If they woke up in your body, what would they do?
    • Correct answer: Eat everything
    • Answer given: "Punch a wall as hard as I can, you know, just cuz"
      • Written by: Unrevealed
  5. Where would they feel most out of place?
    • Correct answer: A sports ball game
    • Answer given: An 80s gangster rap singalong
      • Written by: Flitz

Round 5 (Jovenshire)

  1. What do they complain about the most?
    • Correct answer: "Our office coffee machine"
    • Answer given: YouTube analytics
      • Written by: Damien (?)
  2. If they were reincarnated, what would they come back as?
    • Correct answer: A musician
    • Answer given: Johnny Walker
      • Written by: Mari (?)
  3. What would you delete from their internet history?
    • Correct answer: "My Pinterest searches"
    • Answer given: "He would delete pages where he registered a new account to write angry movie reviews (Disney)"
      • Written by: Boze
  4. If they could upgrade their body with just one gadget, what would it be?
    • Correct answer: A vibrator inside Little Joven.
    • Answer given: Speaking autocorrect
      • Written by: Wes
  5. What is one thing they will never accomplish in their lifetime?
    • Correct answer: True relaxation
    • Answer given: "Being as beautiful a woman as his mom"
      • Written by: Flitz

Round 6 (Flitz)

  1. What will they be remembered for?
    • Correct answer: "Being the sun"
    • Answer given: A song with a built-in dance
      • Written by: Damien
  2. Which evil villain do they remind you of?
    • Correct answer: Samuel L. Jackson in Kingsman
    • Answer given: Owner of Mondo Burger
      • Written by: Boze
  3. What are they terrible at?
    • Correct answer: Lying
    • Answer given: "Admitting that he's good at everything"
      • Written by: Wes
  4. If they were an inventor, what would they invent first?
    • Correct answer: Interdimensional transporter
    • Answer given: Teleportation machine
      • Written by: Mari
  5. If they were on the front page of a newspaper, what would be the headline?
    • Correct answer: "Man erects city of education"
    • Answer given: "Man transcends self and finds true meaning to life"
      • Written by: Joven

* "Because he's dead inside"

**"Because he can do 'anything and everything'"

***Said to be too illegal to mention

Final Scores

Bold = winners

  • =1st - Joven (3)
    • Favorite answer (Damien)
    • Favorite answer (Mari)
    • Correct answer (Boze)
  • =1st - Flitz (3)
    • Correct answer (Mari)
    • Favorite answer (Boze)
    • Favorite answer (Wes)
  • =3rd - Mari (2)
    • Correct answer (Damien)
    • Correct answer (Flitz)
  • =3rd - Boze (2)
    • Correct answer (Damien)
    • Favorite answer (Joven)
  • 5th - Wes (1)
    • Favorite answer (Flitz)
  • 6th - Damien (0)

Fan Interaction

  • Smosh Games commented: 'We played this 4 times off camera because it was SO fun and this was our favorite way to play! ENJOY AND HAPPY NEW YEARS, FRIENDS!' It received over 2.4K likes.
    • This was in response to many fans claiming they played the game wrong.
  • Boze commented saying: 'Joven talked about Lasercorn cuddling him two videos in a row now... hello?' It received over 1.6K likes.