"Can you imagine how funny Iron Man would be if he had to be plugged into an outlet?"
—Shayne upon seeing Olivia's drawing of Iron Man[src]

DRAWING MARVEL CHARACTERS FROM MEMORY is the 146th episode of Squad Vlogs and an episode of the subseries The Challenge Pit.

As mentioned during the intro, this video had managed to be rescued from the "vaults" of Defy Media.


Here's another video that we rescued from the old DEFY vault. Unfortunately DEFY always put these big dumb watermarks on videos before release. So yeah, don't pay any attention to that. Enjoy!





"So, this video was actually rescued from the vaults of our parent company that went out of business a few months ago, and, as a result, it's got a big, dumb watermark on it that we can't remove. [frustrated chuckle] Enjoy!"
— Courtney via voiceover during the animated intro

Round 1: Baby Groot

Round 2: Rocket

Round 3: Spider-Man

Round 4: Iron Man

Round 5: Venom



  • From Courtney in the comments: "Which art is worse- the Marvel drawings or the Defy watermark"
  • This is the second video to be rescued from the "vaults" of Defy Media, after SPIN THE BOTTLE - TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT.
    • As this video was rescued from the "vaults" of Defy Media, it features a Defy Media watermark.
  • Noah's drawing of Baby Groot was compared to Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy.


  1. 1.0 1.1 At 12:42, Olivia specifically talks to "Producer Josh". The only known Joshua to ever work as a producer on Smosh is Josh Mattingly.
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