Dolls: 10 Years Later


November 18, 2015
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Dolls (Sally and Emily)
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Dolls: 10 Years Later is a Smosh video uploaded on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. It is the third video of the Smosh 10th Anniversary Week.


Smosh remakes Smosh Short 1: Dolls with the first and new video side by side with almost everything exactly or at least close the same in both videos. We also see Sally and Emily make their return.


  • Since Anthony's room at his mom's house is now his brother's room, Anthony's old room was recreated from scratch.
  • Odin Abbott and Lindsey Liberman recreated Anthony's room to almost how it exactly was in 2006. They even remade Anthony's Volcom wallet and the stickers on his dresser (which they created, as well).
  • It took them 5 minutes to film the first video, but it took them three hours to film the recreation.
  • Ian's voiced has changed a lot since the first video which was a challenge for recreating the video.
    • Most people thought that Ian sounded like a stoner even though neither he nor Anthony smoked marijuana.
    • He said in the BTS that he just ran so much that his brain probably didn't fully function (since he ran cross country in high school and college), though he said this in a jokingly way.
  • The same looking dolls were in this video as they were for orginal one, they were Happy Meal toys from from 1992. They also looked like Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.
  • In the BTS, Ian and Anthony show that this is the exact same t-shirt that they wore during the original video and that they share the t-shirt back and forth during the video.
    • The t-shirt is the first Smosh shirt released.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

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