DMV Lady

DMV Lady

Upstanding drivers

DMV Lady is a recurring character that is portrayed by Ian Hecox. She was first introduced in "Rejected Mario Games" and then appears in several more videos in the Smosh series. She does not have an actual name and therefore is referred to as "DMV Lady."

The Character

The DMV Lady takes applications and/or registrations from people at the DMV and sometimes actually teaches them to drive and changes their ID Photo. She wears a red turtleneck shirt and a black skirt. Her glasses design changes on her latest appearance Amazing New Workout.


Rejected Mario Games

She appeared in the Mario Kart DMV Edition sketch where she takes application from people to have a driver's permit or licsense but taking alot amount of time while Mario frustratingly waits. 4 hours later where he's about to register his card She said that the registration is in the other line which is incredibly long and the gamer gives up.

Worst ID Photo Ever!

She appeared as the main antagonist in the episode. As she parked her bike before Anthony is about to park his car at the empty lot, he complains and eventually punch her because of insulting his hair. And her next scene where Anthony is about get his ID Photo change, he realizes that she was the one who is about to do something for him even he punched her, so there is a catch where he has to scrub her bike while in his SpongeBob boxers and the mailman comes in and talk with the DMV Lady, Anthony started to looked confused and she took his picture right away while in the confused pose.

Most Violent Game Ever!?

The DMV lady made her appearance when Ian was waiting in line. Although she wasn't much of a major character, Ian was telling her about the person who cut in front of him which she respond that Ian was a tattle tale and the guy who cut in front told her about Ian exploding his head in the game hurting his feelings.

Amazing New Workout

The DMV lady makes her latest appearance, telling her son Randy to take out the trash, as he replies 'get out of my room, mom!" she said "Don't make me slap the sh*t out of your ass again; take out the trash, you little bitch", after she left he said to the fat guys to take out the trash instead of him.


  • She has a tendency to call everyone "sweetie".
  • Her last name is most likely Rogers, since she is Randy's mother (as revealed in Amazing New Workout), unless she divorced and changed her surname.


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