Sohinki: "Alright, now, what you want to do is shoot him with a stealthy bullet."
Lasercorn: "I don't have stealthy bullets. I have regular bullets..."
— Sohinki ordering Lasercorn[src]

DISHONORED is the 2nd episode of Backseat Gaming. Hosted by Lasercorn and Sohinki, the two play Dishonored. It was released on October 9, 2012.


Can the guys finally work together to get through Dishonored? No. Not at all.

Reasons for switching

Sohinki and Lasercorn playing Dishonored.

  • Sohinki wanted Lasercorn to wind-blast enemies, stating it would let them know that he is an ally. The enemies only continue to attack, and eventually kill Lasercorn's character, frustrating him enough to call a switch.
  • Lasercorn wanted Sohinki to only use spring razors to kill enemies. However, Sohinki kept using his sword instead, stating that he was out of spring razors (despite having one left in his arsenal, which Lasercorn pointed out). After eventually getting killed, they argued for a bit, causing Sohinki to ragequit.
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