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DEAD FISH IN OUR MAIL! is an episode of Mailtime with Smosh released September 28, 2015 and the 233rd episode of Smosh is Bored. It was the first Mailtime with Smosh video to be posted in around six months.

Video Description:

We know it's been a while but guess what time it is!? IT'S MAILTIME! Thank you guys for sending us so many awesome things! Toe socks, custom hats, card games, and... DEAD FISH?!



Anthony has the camera trained on his face and he crows, "I'm an aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllt!" The camera, meanwhile, zooms in on his face, to his nose, and finally is so close that his face is a blur. The title appears and the theme music plays.

Before opening mail

Ian has the camera and he uses it scan the room, which is filled with boxes of mail and a scissors for cutting. He sings a somewhat dignified, yet humorous ditty with low-pitched "dun-dun-dun" noises. He notifies viewers that they have not opened mail for a while.

As the camera pans to the couch and Ian is singing about how long it has been, a wild Anthony appears and sideways plunks down on the empty part of the couch, putting his leg on some mail and he relaxes awkwardly on a white plush pillow and humorously hams for the camera and breaks out into a genuine smile. The two men then with high voices say they'll open the mail now.

The mail

The first package is from Taiwan and opened by Anthony.

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