Cree Pywood Guy (Crē-Pīwo͝od-Guē) is a minor character in the Smosh franchise. His appreances include 'Sleeping Pill Disaster!', 'If It Were Real Saga' and '10 Million Subscribers!' He is played by Ryan Todd who also portrays Stevie and is a member of the Smosh crew. 

Video Appearances

Cree Pywood Guy's first appearance was in 'Sleeping Pill Disaster!'. When Anthony goes to throw away Ian's newly built bread box, he is approached by Cree Pywood guy, a collector, who promises him that he will pay top dollar for anymore wood works that Anthony can get his hands on. When Ian gets revenge on Anthony by drugging his orange juice, causing him to fall asllep and turn into a stripper, Cree is there throwing money at him.

Another well known Cree Pywood Guy appearance is in the video '10 Million Subscribers!'. While Ian and Anthony are thanking their fans for subscribing, Cree enters with a video camera and brings up a promise that they made. Ian and Anthony are confused, so he shows them a video he took of them a couple years back, stating that if they reach 10 million subscribers, they would 'whip out their d*cks, do the helicopter, film it and upload it to YouTube.' Since the video shows Cree is filming from behind a plant, this gives indication that he is an over-enthusiastic fan, or even a stalker. While thanking their fans and apologising for not going through with it, they state that they may do it when they hit 50 million, Cree says, "See you boys at 50 million then," before walking away. They then both agree that a better target would be 100 million, Cree then says "see you at 100 million," forcing Anthony to curse

Cree Pywood Guy has also appeared numerous times throughout the 'If It Were Real Saga'.


Cree Pywood Guy usually wears a plaid shirt and jeans. He has straight black hair, glasses, and speaks in a European accent.


Cree is a wood work fanatic, paying $5000 U.S for the bread box Ian made in S.P.D, stating that he has been searching for something like it for years. Once receiving the bread box, he strokes it, mumbling, "That's some good wood", and asking Anthony to get him more. This continues with him kissing a pair of clogs, pretending that the wooden eagle he is given can fly, and tonguing a native american ornamental face. He is also seen 'enjoying the show' when Ian revenge drugs Anthony, turning him into a stripper.

In '10 Million Subscribers!', it is shown that he is an over-eager Smosh fan (or possibly stalker) when he pressures the guys into fufilling the promise they made back at two million subscribers.

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