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Courtney Freaking Miller is a parody-based character played by Shayne Topp. She first appeared as a substitute for the real Courtney Miller when she was sick during the filming of the Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover episode WE'RE IN GAME OF THRONES W/ CLEVVER.


Courtney Freaking Miller is clearly a version of the real Courtney Miller, but she also (in her own words) seems to be some kind of metaphysical being, portraying a darker, twisted side of her. Her gender is uncertain; while she is referred to as female by herself and her only known friend, others have referred to her as a "he", and editors have been known to refer to her using "they". Courtney herself is quoted as saying: "I am not a "mister" - I am a mystery!"

The Courtney Freaking Miller character can be described as aggressive, macho, "ghetto" and slightly psychotic; her erratic temperament is known to have been brought on by extreme drug usage on at least one occasion. She is freakishly strong and is implied to have superhuman capabilities; out of the many people she has appeared with in videos, most seem to be at least slightly scared of her.

Despite initially being a joke character that was only supposed to appear while the real Courtney was away, Courtney Freaking Miller became extremely popular with viewers, and the character has since developed into a recurring feature. Due to her increasingly regular appearances and the expansion of the character, many viewers describe her as growing in power and intimidation.


Channel Series Video
Image2ndchan.jpg Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover WE'RE IN GAME OF THRONES W/ CLEVVER
Stranger Strings w/ Noah and Shayne
Put it in My Mouth Pringles Challenge w/ Megan Batoon
Smosh Lab Exploding Pumpkin (Smosh Lab)
Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover SEXY LOVE SONGS WITH SMOSH GAMES (Smosh Winter Games)
Smosh Games.jpg Smosh Game Bang HALLOWEEN JUST DANCE 2018
Smosh May 2019 Logo Icon - Smosh Pit.jpg Try Not To Laugh Challenge TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE 23 - THE GAUNTLET RETURNS
Courtney Plays Sims 4 Hooking Up My Friends - Courtney Plays Sims 4
Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse LEGENDARY BELLY FLOP FINALE
Smosh avatar 2019 yellow.jpg Every Blank Ever Every Disney Princess Ever
Smosh Pit 2019 avatar.jpg Spelling Bee-Kini Wax COURTNEY FREAKIN' MILLER gets waxed! - Spelling Bee-Kini Wax 6
N/A Courtney Miller Gives Courtney Freakin' Miller a Makeover
Smosh avatar 2019 yellow.jpg Smoffice Working At Smosh Sucks
Courtney Miller VS Courtney Freakin' Miller
Smosh Pit 2019 avatar.jpg Eat It or Yeet It Eat It Or Yeet It: For The Gals


  • According to Courtney Freaking Miller:
    • She is a metaphysical being.[1]
    • She is made of granite and has no organs,[2] though she has also claimed to be made "mostly of cyanide".[3]
    • She can only have sex on camera.
    • She is always on her period.
    • She gives solid advice to young audience members such as "look out" and "KILL PEOPLE".
    • Her prison nickname was "Leg Ryan", supposedly coined either due to her legs being very powerful or one of them being stronger than the other.
    • Her favorite food is wild alpaca, though she has also claimed to not eat food at all.[4]
    • She was once hit by a bus and the bus split in half.
    • She was a background extra in the movie "Babe".
    • Her pH level is identical to battery acid.
    • If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, "you best believe [she] heard".
    • She trains rhinoceros beetles.
    • The only person to ever defeat her in hand to hand combat was Liza Koshy.
    • When she goes skydiving, she doesn't use a parachute - she just flaps her arms really hard.
    • She hates fascism.
    • Her favorite music "genre" is Regina Spektor.
    • She once ate a wide-screen 4K television.
    • She has committed murder at least once.[5]
    • She lives on the streets, next to a dumpster.
    • She eats cats.
    • Her favorite "person" is the Statue of Liberty.
    • She loves ranch flavored Pringles.[6]
    • She trained with Navy Seals to perfect methods of intimidation.[1]
    • She is racist against Froot Loops.
    • She can astral project herself to different areas on Earth, where she beats people up.
    • She refers to her mouth as "The Gateway".
    • She hates it when people look directly at her (especially Tim).
  • Shayne has a habit of dramatically breaking character while portraying Courtney Freaking Miller, often with repetitive instances of explosive laughter.
  • Courtney Freaking Miller's appearance in Smosh & Order under the charge of identity theft (COURTNEY MILLER VS COURTNEY FREAKIN MILLER) was the most requested premise for a Smosh & Order case since the show's creation. Despite winning the case (and even being named as the ruling judge), she went to prison "for fun" at the end of the episode.
    • This was apparently the second time she had been incarcerated - at the start of SEXY LOVE SONGS WITH SMOSH GAMES, she claimed that she had been in prison as an explanation for her long-term absence. This seems to be when she got the nickname of "Leg Ryan".
  • Although Courtney Freaking Miller's hair has always consistently been long and blonde, the style of it has changed several times.
    • Courtney's original (and probably best-known) hairstyle was mid-back length, unevenly cut at the top and parted in the center.
    • Her second hairstyle was a one-off for her appearance during Smosh Winter Games 2017; her hair was messier, her parting was less central and it curled slightly at the ends.
    • Her third hairstyle, used for her appearance in Halloween Just Dance 2018, was much longer and her parting had shifted more towards the left. Her hair color was also a lighter shade of blonde.
    • Her fourth and current hairstyle bears a strong resemblance to her original style, but the hair at the crown of her head is far more uneven and prone to sticking up. She has no discernible parting in her hair due to the wildness of it, and it is slightly shorter and straighter than her previous styles.



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