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"Courtney's Boyfriend Reveal!" is the 16th Smoffice episode uploaded in Smosh on August 5, 2021.


We just met Courtney’s boyfriend for the first time, and now you can too!

This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.



Courtney reveals to Damien and Olivia to her boyfriend. Ian approches, causing Damien and Olivia to think he's Courtney's boyfriend, until the real boyfriend (Courtey) appears. His name is Dominic Patrone.

Ian thinks that Dominic is just Courtney with a wig, Damien denies Ian's claim, while Olivia just wants to remain supportive. Ian confronts Dominic with skepticism, especially when the latter calls the former "Yam" and "Ween," until Damien invites Dominic to a one-on-one man lunch in the park. Ian wishes that he should've left with Anthony. Olivia begins to side with Ian, as she Dominic steal Advil from the Smosh first aid kit.

Once Damien accuses Dominic of stealing three of his tuna cans and then ditching him in the park, Ian concludes that Dominic indeed sucks. Dominic challenges Ian to a wrestling match, which Ian accepts. They wrestle until Courtney arrives. Ian is shocked that Courtney and Dominic are actually different, and Dominic proves it by dancing.

A Moment with God

The favorite food of God (Olivia) is batteries as someone's got to eat them.

Corner Mattress Commercial

Matt Ressman (Damien) and Car Ressman (Shayne Topp) advertise Corner Mattress mattresses.


Cast (Those whose roles are mentioned play themselves as well, except for two unknown people)


  • Director: Ryan Finnerty
  • Writters: Courtney Miller, Olivia DeLaurentis, and Sydney Heller
  • Editor: Mike Small
  • Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
  • Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
  • Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
  • Production Coordinator: Jacqi Jones
  • Production Assistant: Heidi Ha
  • DP: Brennan Iketani
  • Camera Operator: Jonathan Na
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
  • Art Director: Cassie Vance
  • Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
  • Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
  • Wardrobe: Lena Frostestad
  • Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
  • GFX: Brittany Metz and Winton Foulds
  • Content Manager: Kiana Parker
  • Stage Manager: David Hill