Clevver is a group of three YouTube channels all under the name Clevver. The YouTube channels include Clevver News, ClevverTV and Clevver Style with each channel having over 2 million subscribers. They also have an unused channel called Clevver Music, and the lineup formerly included Clevver Games (which was assimilated into Smosh Games). The channels provide information on pop culture, clothing style, and things of that nature.

On Smosh

On Clevver

  • Joven and Sohinki do the ghost pepper challenge with Joslyn Davis on the ClevverTV episode "Ghost Pepper Challenge with Smosh Games - Joslyn's Vlog".
  • Lily Marston eats six Jewish foods with Noah Grossman on the episode "6 Jewish Foods For The First Time (Cheat Day)".
  • Ian and Anthony play Never Have I Ever with Joslyn Davis on the Clevver News episode "SMOSH Play Never Have I Ever".
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