Benny Jean, Cop, That Damn Neighbor (sometimes)
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Cletus is a character originating from the "That Damn..." series.

The Character

Cletus is Benny Jean's best friend. He usually hangs out with him, but is also friends with That Damn Neighbor and the cop.

He is also rather stupid at times and commits child-like mistakes and often acts like a "hillbilly". Examples include:

  • Trading Benny Jean's Hummer for a fog machine (though this did come in handy later).
  • Cutting a hole in the fence that protected Benny Jean's pet flamingo.
  • Selling the flamingo to That Damn Neighbor.


  • A running gag, starting with That Damn Yard Sale, has Cletus screaming in terror at something shocking at the end of each video except, "That Damn Neighbor" and "That Damn Rap Music." These include:
    • The neighbor suddenly turning to him, saying "Don't f**king touch me!"
    • The cop's dog's eyes glowing red and it saying "Back off my tacos, human!"
    • The neighbor suddenly appearing next to him on his bed.
    • The neighbor's face appearing on the speedo Benny Jean is wearing.
    • The neighbor suddenly popping out of the house of garbage Benny Jean made for his pet flamingo (in a bonus video).
  • In That Damn Rap Music, it is Benny Jean who screams when the neighbor appears right next to him with his flamingo in his mouth.
  • Cletus is mostly stupider than Benny Jean but in That Damn Prison Break, he acts clever and uses the fog machine.
  • Cletus only wears camouflage shirts. 
  • The only "That Damn...."  video Cletus didn't appear in is That Damn Movie!
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  • Cletus usually tells Benny Jean where That Damn Neighbor is by pointing and saying.
    • One example is when Benny Jean asked where That Damn Neighbor is, he replies "You mean that neighbor over there.
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