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Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig

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7 (deceased)
Guinea Pig
YouTube Channel:
List of likes
  • Booze (any alcoholic drink)
  • Hot women (only human women)
  • Being drunk
  • Ian (sometimes)
  • Anthony (sometimes)
  • Porn Magazines
  • Mr. Stabby (his knife)
  • Stabbing people
List of hates
  • Female guinea pigs
  • Being sober for too long
  • Ian Hecox (sometimes)
  • Anthony Padilla (sometimes)
  • Kim Jong-il
  • The landlord
  • Having baths (initially)
  • Hopscotch (possibly)
  • The Jonas Brothers (possibly)
His dad, his unknown mom, Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Pedobear, James Bond, Yo Momma
Dead (Recurring as a ghost)
Ian Hecox (one-sided), Anthony Padilla (one-sided), several celebrities and fictional characters
Kim Jong-il, the landlord, Ian Hecox (one-sided), Anthony Padilla (one-sided), Yo Momma, audition guy
Played by:
Ian Hecox

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig was a recurring character of Smosh and the protagonist of the Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig series. He was Ian and Anthony's English-accented pet who switched from an antagonist to a partner pitted against their common foe, the Landlord, to the duo. He used to have his own channel, Askcharlie, but it ended with the episode "Charlie Says Goodbye", due to Charlie explaining in a later Lunchtime with Smosh that he faked his death to get out of showbiz. However, Charlie died in real life in 2015, as said by Ian at VidCon 2015.

He is voiced by Ian Hecox.


As described in the theme song, Charlie appears as a seemingly ordinary cute guinea pig. However, when he talks, he clearly has very human-like lips. His voice was originally used as Ian's "British" voice, as heard in "Food Battle 2009" when Ian was playing the Merchant from the game Resident Evil 4.



Charlie is an alcoholic, perverse, potty-mouthed guinea pig with an ambiguous human sexuality. He has a slurred English accent and also a poorly done Irish accent which he used in Ireland to fit in with the Irish Mafia.

His name implies that he's always drunk, but he is not. He has mentioned that he has been sober occasionally, but not completely. If he doesn't have alcohol for up to a week, and completely sobers up, his eyes will start to uncontrollably shoot lasers in every direction, although Charlie can hold it back for a short time to accumulate laser power as to fire one big laser beam capable of penetrating anything, which he used to burn a hole through the body of a man who auditioned him for Disney. Charlie seems to detest just about anything which isn't a stupid question or related to alcohol and/or sexual things. He spends all his money on magazines and booze, which puts Ian and Anthony in extreme financial debt.

He is also interested in money and diamonds, as described in his back story (see below). He is also attracted to hot human women, and when Ian questioned why he isn't attracted to female guinea pigs, Charlie simply pointed out that they don't have boobs. He also has been shown to be not only extremely addicted to booze, but he's also very intelligent, a trait he has never shown. Just about the only example of this was in an episode where, in a second attempt to reach the booze cabinet over the fridge, Charlie built an exact robotic avatar replica of Ian to reach it. Despite this, he is dim-witted and careless to dangerous situations. Charlie also has the ability to read minds.

He also seems to know several celebrities and has had sexual relationships with some of them (which have been proven to be lies). He has shown prowess in knife throwing with Mr. Stabby, and being able to use a large assortment of weapons. He can survive ingesting arsenic, a poisonous substance, though he does say he needs to go to the hospital. Charlie seems to be able to hold his own hand in a fight, but it appears to be quite fragile since his abilities are limited to him only being a guinea pig.

He often refers to his viewers and Ian and Anthony as "poofs". 


In two Ask Charlie episodes, Charlie explained his origin of how he got into a dumpster where Ian and Anthony found him through two stories:

In the episode "Charlies Origin" Charlie said he was trying to obtain a diamond from a gang of ninjas that were on a plane. So he had to fight through every one of the ninjas, and then he finally defeated the boss ninja with his "Charlie Kung Fu". So then he grabbed the diamond, jumped out of the plane, used his parachute, and landed inside the dumpster that Ian and Anthony found him in.

Then in the episode "MEGAN FOX B00B FIGHT!!!" Charlie showed in a short video that he played a game of Russian Roulette with Barney the Dinosaur, where they both agreed that the loser would have to go in the "Dumpster of Shame". Barney survived his round, but Charlie couldn't bring himself to pull the revolvers trigger, so he (Charlie) ended up in the "Dumpster of Shame" until he was found.

In real life, Ian found Charlie at his doorstep and adopted him.

Theme Songs

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig Theme Song

Ian and Anthony were walking down an alleyway,

When they thought they heard a noise,

Coming from a dumpster.

Thought it was a tuna sandwich

But it was a cute guinea pig

So they adopted him and named him Charlie

Charlie, Charlie, the Drunk Guinea Pig

Charlie, Charlie, the Drunk Guinea Pig

askcharlie Theme Song

Ask Charlie, Ask Charlie,

The best show on the Internet

Ask Charlie, Ask Charlie,

'Cause you're really dumb!


  • Charlie was called "A Drunk Guinea Pig with a Chainsaw" by Orange in the Annoying Orange episode "The Annoying Orange: Annoying Saw 2."
  • In real life, Ian found Charlie at his doorstep and took him in.
  • Charlie appeared in "If Movies Were Real" in the G-Force scene as Speckles.
  • Charlie made an appearance as "The Furry Hippopotamus From Greece" in "My Fanny Pack."
  • Charlie is drawn in a lot of letters shown on Mailtime with Smosh, which Ian and Anthony tend to make fun of.
  • In "Charlie Says Goodbye" Charlie died of prostate cancer (or, as he calls it, "butt cancer"). For a while, people thought Charlie was really dead. But in the Lunchtime with Smosh episode "Revealing Our Real Names," a Twitter question asked if Charlie was alive, in which Ian brought him to the table to prove it. According to Charlie, he faked his death because he was getting tired of showbiz and he suddenly grew an interest for investment banking. He also appeared as a ghost in "MY NEW EMO HAIR!," and WORST PARENTS EVER. He however died in real life in 2015 due to him being old.
  • He was apparently masturbating behind the magazine in "Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 3."
  • Charlie's cousin is Bill Oddie.
  • He also appears in Food Battle:The Game as a NPC & Super Head Esploder-X as Enemies.
  • Charlie was the first pet of Smosh, as well as the first and only anthropomorphic supporting character.
  • He was also originally Ian's pet, but they had dual custody of him throughout the years.
  • Ian revealed at the 2015 Smosh Vidcon Q&A that Charlie has died in real life, saying, "Straight up, Charlie is dead. Guinea pigs don't live that long."


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