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Cage Match Challenge is a show that aired on Smosh Games every Wednesday. This show also came out with Gametime with Smosh and replaced S.A.G.N.U.T. The show was axed on 25 December 2013 due to low ratings and the 4 final leftover punishments were shown on Sunday, January 5, 2014 in the 67th edition of I Have a Raging Bonus


Cage Match Challenge is video series that involves either Sohinki, Jovenshire, or Lasercorn, going head to head with each other in a 1 vs. 1 match in a specific videogame. Much like Smosh Game Bang, the loser in each episode must do a certain punishment in the start of the next episode.

Unlike Smosh Game Bang however, the loser has the chance to challenge the winner to a Double or Switch. The Double or Switch may take place ONLY if the winner decides to accept the challenge. If the winner wins the Double or Switch, the loser will face a more severe form of the punishment. If the loser wins the Double or Switch, the winner will have to do the punishment.


# Name Length Released Winner Loser Double Or Switch (Or Loss) Punishment
1 Crash Course Lava Pocket 8:09 19 June 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Eat a hot pocket, that came right out of the microwave
2 Joven and Lasercorn Have Worms 8:50 26 June 2013 Jovenshire Lasercorn Declined

Wear a pink One Direction shirt

3 Crazy Sploding Zombies! 6:13 3 July 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Wear a Justin Bieber T-Shirt
4 We Are Wizards! 11:00 10 July 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire

Accepted (Sohinki Won The Double)

Sing a verse from Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"
5 Paintballs of War 13:02 17 July 2013 Lasercorn Jovenshire Declined Get shot 3 times by a paintball gun
6 Chivalry & Paintball Punishment 8:53 24 July 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Get a temproary My Little Pony tatoo
7 Smash Bros Slap Bet 9:24 31 July 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Accepted (Sohinki Won The Switch) Get 3 slaps
8 It's Robot Fighting Time 9:20 7 August 2013 Jovenshire Lasercorn Accepted (Jovenshire Won The Double) Fight with one hand in a boxing match against the winner
9 Saints Row IV The Gloves Are Off 10:51 14 August 2013

Tie: Sohinki and Lasercorn

Tie: Sohinki and Lasercorn Accepted (Sohinki Won The Switch) Get eggs thrown at you by the winner
10 Injustice Eggs Among Us 9:34 21 August 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Exercise using the Shake-Weight for 10 minutes
11 Bomberman Uses a Shake Weight 9:48 28 August 2013 Lasercorn Jovenshire Declined Do an interprative ribbon dance
12 Jovenshire Hates Green Shells 12:04 4 September 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Do a hula dance while wearing a coconut bra
13 Cannon Brawl Run 12:42 11 September 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Endure the barrage from a nerf firing squad
14 Ready, Aim, Kill 15:40 18 September 2013 Jovenshire Lasercorn Declined Have a Slushie poured on his head
15 WWE Are Macho Men 6:43 25 September 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Perform a macho man, slim jim act
16 Snap Into a Portal Race 12:06 2 October 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Drink a concoction
17 Eat My Laser-Corn 11:54 9 October 2013 Lasercorn Jovenshire Declined Wear a bikini
18 Speedrunner Boners 8:10 16 October 2013 Tie: Flitz and Sohinki Tie Flitz and Sohinki Accepted (Sohinki won the switch) Run 5 laps around the building
19 Princess Joven Talking Dirty 12:27 23 October 2013 Jovenshire Sohinki Declined Falcon Punch a pumpkin
20 Smashing Pumpkins Wanted in AC4 8:40 30 October 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Plank across applesauce while the winner walks on them
21 Jovenhulk Rage! 7:42 6 November 2013 Lasercorn Jovenshire Declined Sell lemonade in a lemonade stand as The Hulk
22 Hulk Sell Lemonade to Aliens 13:19 13 November 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Talk like Yoda for an entire episode
23 Blood, Guts, Glory 6:13 20 November 2013 Sohinki Lasercorn Declined Wear a bikini top in their next video
24 Crotch Sniffing Sabrewulf 8:32 27 November 2013 Sohinki Jovenshire Declined Make out with a celebrity cutout of winner's choice
25 Gladiator in a Bra 9:31 4 December 2013 Jovenshire Lasercorn Declined Winner tweets from loser's Twitter account.
26 We Cross Our Flaming Swords 7:38 11 December 2013 Lasercorn Sohinki Declined Do fifty push-ups while wearing the Dress of Shame.
27 Sohinki Comes in on a Wrecking Ball 13:26 18 December 2013 Jovenshire Sohinki Declined Cheeseburger challenge.
28 Gimli Owns That Ass 10:30 25 December 2013 Lasercorn Jovenshire Declined Brush teeth with mayonnaise.


# Name Wins Losses Diff.
1 Lasercorn 11 5 +6
2 Sohinki 11 9 +2
3 Jovenshire 6 13 -7