CRAZY NERF WAR VIDEO GAME CHALLENGE is a Smosh Games video released on September 6, 2019.

Video Description

We’re taking the classic Duck Game to the next level by turning it into a real life Nerf battle!

Which team do you think will win? Root for your favorite duo in the comments!



  • Damien and Shayne
  • Courtney and Matt
  • Lasercorn and Mari


Whist one team member is playing the game, their partner is trying to shoot their opponents character on the television to stop the opponent from moving for 3 seconds.


  • Round One: Damien Vs Mari
  • Round Two: Courtney Vs Lasercorn
  • Round Three: Shayne Vs Matt
  • Round Four: Courtney Vs Mari
  • Round Five: Damien Vs Matt

Overall Results

  • 1st - Damien and Shayne (3 Wins)
  • =2nd - Courtney and Matt (1 Win)
  • =2nd - Lasercorn and Mari (1 Win)
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