COMMERCIALS IN REAL LIFE is a Smosh main channel video, which was once again sponsored by Blasted Shreds.


We ask: what would your favorite commercials be like if they were in real life?

Thank you to Blasted Shreds™ for sponsoring this video! To learn more about this new shredded wheat cereal coated with amazing Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor, visit (link provided) & don't forget to follow us on Instagram (link provided)

Plot Summary


The video begins after Ian narrates the sponsor message, along with a visual commercial.


A dapper salesperson (Noah) is talking to two "real people", Sean and Cindy (Keith and Courtney) about a revolutionary, high-quality truck. As the gate opens to reveal the fancy truck, Cindy and Keith are overwhelmed in excitement. However, it is for the gate, not the truck. Music plays and the video title appears in stylized text.


A woman (Olivia) turns to the camera in a cloud of smoke and black background and whispers: "Whisper". The commercial seamlessly transitions to another shot of her from the side and she loudly whispers, turning to the camera, "intense whisper!".

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