COD BLACK OPS 4 BLACKOUT RUMBLE is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Blackout In Real Life and was released on 20th October.

Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this episode. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 out now! Get your copy today!


We are joined by Lasercorn, Ian, Courtney Miller, and The Warp Zone to play the brand new Blackout Mode for COD: Black Ops 4! May the battle royale begin!


  • Smosh Games - Damien, Lasercorn, Boze and Wes
  • Not Smosh Games - Ian, Courtney, Davis and Schroeder


  • 1st - Smosh Games (14 kills)
  • 2nd - Not Smosh Games (4 kills)


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