CO-ED PAIN PONG REVENGE is an episode of Smosh is Bored and the eighth special of Smosh Winter Games - Again! released February 13, 2017.

Video Description


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Who's your favorite team?! The Spaghetti Yetis?! DaBlizzards?!

Fan Interaction

  • Smosh Second Channel commented: "Spaghetti Yetis took the fan vote AGAIN this week! DaBlizzards - rally here and vote on the next competitions to take the banner back!" It received over 1K likes.
  • Lasercorn commented: "Pizza ninja has trained for years at pain pong in an ancient, crumbling monestary." It received over 1.3K likes.
  • Keith commented: "Can we all agree that Lasercorn has the best onesie of all time?" It received over 1.3K likes.
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