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CHRIS PRATT INTERVIEW PRANK is a Smosh video, uploaded on May 29, 2015.


We had the chance to sit down with Chris Pratt and interview him about the upcoming movie Jurassic World. Of course, we're not your average interviewers and we decided to pull one over on him! 



Chris Pratt was kind enough to grant Smosh an interview to promote Jurassic World. You know, at this point, celebrities would know that Smosh is going to mess with them, but nope.


Chris asks Ian if he can have one of the water bottles beside them. Ian allows him and then Anthony tells him to drink the water bottle like his tongue is his straw. Ian asks Chris if he can do the act and demonstrates it. Chris said he can't do that but he thought it looked cool. Due to Anthony's orders, Ian continues to drink with his tongue and accidentally spills himself.


Anthony orders Ian to tell Chris to recreate Jeff Goldblum's laugh from the first Jurassic Park. Ian shows the clip to Chris, who then proceeds to laugh exactly like Jeff Goldblum. (NAILED IT.)


Ian tells Anthony to tell Chris that if he realizes that his name sounds like "crisp rat." Chris himself said that he has heard that before. While Chris thought it was crazy, Anthony said it was "clever." Anthony then asks Chris if he gives them a fake laugh for mispronouncing his name and he said no while faking a laugh. Anthony asks Chris if he just stares at those people, which leads to an awkward and quiet moment.


Anthony orders Ian to save the water by "watering the trees" Ian then waters his plant beside him, which Chris thought was not a real plant. Ian then also waters the plant beside Chris. Ian calls it pouring it for the "homies" and Chris adds "65 million years ago." Ian said that they haven't done that in a while, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't honor them with awesome movies. Chris agrees.


Anthony orders Ian to ask Chris for "a personal favor." Ian asks Chris about it, who then starts to laugh. The favor was for Chris to call Ian's mother and tell her that Ian had herpes. Chris argues that Ian's mother doesn't need to know about it. Ian said that she does and gives his phone to Chris, who points out that it says "Mom" in the contacts. After the voicemail of Ian's mother plays, Chris does talk about Ian having a disease. Ian then adds that he might have kissed his mother so she should know. Chris goes on and says that he wouldn't have any idea how Ian kissing his mother would give her genital herpes. He ends it by calling himself "Dr. Chris Pratt" and telling to call back. Ian thanks him and comments that herpes was lifted off of him and was transported to his mother.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Chris Pratt

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  • This is the fourth prank video Smosh has uploaded. The last three were Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Emma Watson, and Tom Hiddleston.