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CHRISTMAS APOCALYPSE (Part 2) is the 54th episode in season 2014 and the second part to the 2014 Christmas special.


After Ian and Anthony unknowingly release zombie gingerbread men that start destroying things, the duo must must call in Santa for help.


Ian suggests that they stomp on the ginger bread men to kill them. After they blow up a house with a can of kerosene then Ian suggests they hide. When Stevie suggests they reason with them. Ian and Anthony send him outside and after a moment look out the window only to see Stevie tied up and slowly being burnt at the stake by the gingerbread men. During this, they yell at the Yeti that brought the gingerbread men because he's watching their television and shedding on their couch. They beg Santa to come and he shows up and punches the Yeti, exploding him. He gives the two water guns filled with warm milk the, "gingerbread men's only weakness, saying they must kill the original gingerbread men. Ian and Anthony kill the gingerbread man while he and Ian yell innuendos at each other and go inside, forgetting about Stevie, who is still burning on the stake. They open their present and find a lacey women's underwear set with a note "To Ian's Mom, Sensually yours, Stevie xox". Though Ian tries it on and keeps it for himself.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox

Ryan Todd as Stevie

Mark Daley as Yeti

Ben Vlad as Gingerbread Man

Cas Bennett as Gingerbread Lady

Chris Bennett as Santa


  • While Ian shoots the original gingerbread man, they make sexual innuendos towards each other.
  • Stevie makes many references about this testicles burning using Christmas season references.
  • Alfred and Poe makes an appearance on the previous part.
  • This is the first time there is no live-action footage in one of Smosh's two-part Christmas specials.
  • This is the first time that a Christmas special was uploaded after Christmas.
  • The BTS video shows the animator showing how the animation for this video was made and features no actual Behind The Scenes footage of Ian and Anthony as there is no live-action scenes in this video.
  • This Is The Actual Last Video Of Season 2014.