The video thumbnail featuring Smosh co-founders Ian Hecox (left) and Anthony Padilla

CHICKEN SCREAM GAME! is an episode of Smosh is Bored released May 1, 2017.


Ian and Anthony scream their hearts out while playing the CHICKEN SCREAM game on a phone. 

The rules of the game

A chicken must be moved by the sound of one's voice. A scream makes the chicken jump and a regular tone of voice makes it walk. Obstacles must be avoided and coins collected. When the chicken falls or becomes impaled by an obstacle, it is the other person's turn. Ian and Anthony use different voices and sounds after their initial two attempts at the game. The player does the voice or sound that the other person wants them to emulate.

Video summary

Anthony (attempt 1):

3 points; lost when jumping and hitting a spike
Ian (attempt 1):
0 points; lost when he could not jump off the grassy cliff
Anthony (attempt 2):
4 points; lost when jumping and hitting a spike
Ian (attempt 2):
15 points; lost when he could not make the jump to the next cliff
Anthony (attempt 3; chicken noises):
0 points; lost trying to cross a grassy chasm
Ian (attempt 3; horse noises):
0 points; lost the same as Anthony on his third attempt

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