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CAMP IN A VAN is a Smosh main channel video.


It's that time of year when kids around the world head off to Summer Camp! If you want a cheap, fun way to get in all your camping needs, try Camp Innavan! It's a fun place to send your kids.


The video starts with Billy (Ian Hecox) eating cereal when suddenly an announcer (Ian Hecox) in the background asks Billy if he wants to go to Summer Camp. Billy gets excited once he hears this, but his mother (Anthony Padilla) is not satisfied with Billy's interest in Summer Camp. The announcer says the price is cheap, and fies, his mother is a nurse, and that his father is dead. Dolores and start preparing for attack. However, this does not happen since both of the gangsters respect whoever has a tear tattoo near his eyes.


Anthony Padilla

Ian Hecox as Billy Hamburger

Noah Grossman

Brittni Barger

Lee Eisenhower

Gabe Laguer

Trivia / Goofs

  • This video is actually a PSA surrounding unsafe camps due to Camp Innavan murdering one of its campers.

Shut Up! Opening

"*Two people singing doodoo* SHUT UP!"

Subscription Ending

"Hey guys, thanks so much for subscribing!"



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