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CALL OF DUTY FAIL (Squad Vlogs) is an October 25, 2018 Smosh Pit upload of Squad Vlogs.  The entire squad, sans Noah, participates, but Ian is in the episode, instead.


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Brief synopsis

We hang out behind the scenes on Smosh Games's real life Call of Duty set!


Interaction with fans

The channel posted "Where else do you want to see the squad go outside of the Smosh office? Let us know!"

The comment received over 70 likes and over a dozen comments within 2 hours of upload.

A fan posted how much she loves Smosh Pit and Smosh Pit responded with "Oh helllll yeah! What are your favorite things we do?"  (5+ likes)

Another fan posted their admiration for the channel and the channel responded with "Aw! We love ya back!"

They responded to another fan with a similar sentiment with "Thank you so much for the gracious comment! Much love."

Another fan said the squad was amazing and channel responded with "NO YOU!"