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Brittni Barger (born August 18, 1985) is an American actress and YouTuber. From 2014 to 2016 she was a major actress in Smosh videos, appearing in many major female roles alongside standard Smosh cast members Olivia Sui & Courtney Miller. She had an uncredited appearance in a sketch during Smosh Live. In early 2017, she made two more appearances in Smosh videos but has not appeared since. Last Smosh video she appeared in is IF APPS WERE REAL 2.

Brittni also has a show called Book Boner Bistro on the YouTube channel FourLetterNerds though the channel has been inactive since May of 2016, reaching only 1,900 subscribers.


  1. The Adventure Time Adventure: Roberto's Girlfriend
  2. Movie Reboots Suck: Elsa
  3. The Real Party Song: Female singer
  4. 19 More Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist): Boob girl/Pregnant lady/Passed out girl
  5. If Apps Were Real: Tinder Girl #3/Soldier's Wife
  6. Name Rap or Die: Female dancer
  7. Anime Voice Swap: Ian's voice
  8. My Bathroom Disaster: Anthony's date
  9. Disney's Star Wars Blind Date: Jenny
  10. If TV Shows Were Real 2: Penny/Piper/Helper
  11. Food Battle Music Videos: Jawbreaker girl
  12. 9 Most Horrible Bosses: Perfectionist Boss/Pervy Pervester victim/Creepy boss
  13. Top 10 Video Game Dances: Girlfriend/Sad Girlfriend
  14. Just Like Link: Female prostitute
  15. If Guys Had Girl Problems: Denise
  16. Smash Rap: Zero Suit Samus
  17. Video Game Items in Real Life: Cosplayer/Anthony's Date
  18. Sex Turban: One of the few Sex Turban Worshippers
  19. AVENGERS LEAKED FOOTAGE: One of the Slow Motion people/Special Effects controller/Black Widow
  20. The Mother's Day Rule: Teenage Girl #1
  21. Every Instagram Ever: Club Girl #2
  22. Magic iPad: Ian's Tinder Date
  23. Every Game of Thrones Ever: Game of Thrones Dancer
  24. Camp In A Van: Dolores
  25. Every Teacher Ever: Student/Pedo Teacher
  26. Epic Trailer Gone Wrong: Receptionist
  27. Every Halloween Ever: Slutty Gandalf/Trick or Treater
  28. We're in The Angry Birds Movie: Movie promoter
  29. Backwards Curse Words: Woman
  30. ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES: Ex girlfriend/Wander Woman/fiance
  31. Smosh Live: Jiff Wireless sketch (uncredited)
  32. ONE LETTER OFF TV SHOWS: Scream Queefs Contestant
  33. IF APPS WERE REAL 2: Bumble Party Girl