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Brianna Boho is a character played by Courtney Miller, created in July 2018 for the video HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE. Brianna Boho is a controversial teenage influencer and a parody of Tana Mongeau.


Brianna is shown to be crass, self-absorbed and something of a ditz. She is receptive to anyone that wants to feature her.


Channel Series Video
Smosh.jpg Totally True Documentary HOW TO BE FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE
Year VS Year 2008 YOUTUBE VS 2018 YOUTUBE
YouTube Detention KSI vs LOGAN PAUL (Parody)
Smosh Games.jpg Smosh & Order COURT IS NOW IN SESSION!
Smosh.jpg Every Blank Ever EVERY BLACK FRIDAY EVER
YouTube Detention These Youtubers Are Trying To Cancel Me (YouTube Detention)
N/A How To Flirt
GDFN David Dobrik Shoots a Fan's Eye Out, Mr. Beast Hates Us, and Some Good News - GDFN
Smosh Games 2019 blue.png Family Style Playing Blackjack in Viva Smosh Vegas!
Smosh.jpg YouTube Detention Influencers Partying without Masks (Internet Detention)
Every Blank Ever Every YouTube Couple Ever
Smosh Games 2019 blue.png Smosh Vegas Uno Battle in Smosh Vegas!
N/A Among Us, but in character
Smosh May 2019 Logo Icon - Smosh Pit.jpg Mystery Character Generator Meet Brianna Boho's New Boyfriend
N/A Brianna Boho's $1,000 Million Dollar Mansion Tour *amazing*
Smosh Games 2019 blue.png N/A The Chosen & Brianna Boho Try To Survive Poppy Playtime
N/A Poppy Playtime Scares The Chosen
N/A The Chosen & Brianna Boho Vs. Mommy (Poppy Playtime)


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