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Brent Hamburger

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Billy Hamburger (brother), Mr. Mime (father), PissedOffDad1969 (father), Sean Connery (father)
Partying, brownies, his brother, fruit snacks, milk, sandwiches, dirty vids, candy
Parents, being told what to do
First Appears in:
X-Mas: Santa Gets Down

Brent Hamburger is a minor character in Smosh portrayed by Anthony Padilla.


Brent Hamburger is a typical, average "emo" teenager and the older brother of Billy Hamburger one of the recurring characters in Smosh. He likes to wear a black hoodie and a green-gray/grey shirt underneath, blue jeans and sneakers. He also seems to have an addiction to candies and swearing. Though his official age is unknown, he must at least be in his late teenage years, since he is able to move out and obtain a house.


X-Mas: Santa Gets Down

Brent makes his first appearance in this video. When Billy catches Santa Claus, he runs into Brent's room to tell him about it. At the time, Brent was sleeping until Billy woke him up to tell him that he caught Santa. Billy admits that he didn't have any cookies, so he gives Santa the brownies that Brent keeps under his bed, much to the shock of Brent.

Parents Suck!

After getting upset with how their parents treat them, Brent and Billy move out of their house in order to find independence. At this point, Brent and Billy do the things they couldn't do when they lived with their parents. After they get themselves into serious trouble, Brent calls home to ask his mom if they could move back in. When he asks, his mom just replies "F**K NO!"

For whatever reason, the video description lists Brent as Anthony.


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