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Bradley "Brad" Padilla was Antoinette's ex-boyfriend and one of the major recurring antagonists in the main Smosh videos during seasons 2009-2011, who made his debut in the episode, "Ian's First Girlfriend."

In "Ian's First Girlfriend", Brad came by and greeted Antoinette while she was having dinner. He then bent down and found Ian Hecox under the table (Antoinette told him to hide there) and asked him who he was. Ian just waved at Brad nervously. Brad suggested that Ian and Antoinette should get married if they are so good for each other.

Brad reappeared as the main antagonist of "Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS", stealing candy from a kid in a penguin costume and challenging Anthony and Ian before getting shot to death by the mailman.

Later, in the episode "Ian is Pregnant", Anthony and Ian see Antoinette with Brad, with an enlarged stomach. Because of this, Ian believes that Antoinette got Brad pregnant, and Anthony is convinced that he is simply fat.


  • It should be noted that Brad has the same last name as Anthony and Antoinette.
  • Of all the major antagonists, Brad appears the most times, starring in 3 episodes.