Boxman Loses the Election
November 5, 2008
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David Hasselhoff, Boxman
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Boxman Loses the Election is a Smosh episode released November 5, 2008.


Boxman loses the election to Barack Obama and Obama calls him to speak with him.


A woman runs into a hotel room, where Boxman and his campaigners are at, holding a cellphone. She tells him that the results are in and that Obama won, not him. She tells him Obama's on the line and throws Boxman the cellphone. He then talks to Obama but gets mad and throws it without looking. You hear a scream, and the phone impales the man who Boxman was going to make vice president, David Hasselhoff. Boxman wonders if the day could get any worse until the woman from the beginning runs in again and tells him that the Mac 'n' Cheese factory just blew up. Boxman then puts his head up in the air and shouts, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?" as David Hasselholf says he sees a light and dies.

Shut Up! Opening



  • This is the only Boxman video where Boxman does not perform a rap of any kind. 
  • Melanie Moat (Ian's girlfriend at the time) is the woman in the beginning, making her first Smosh appearance with a speaking part.
  • The two guys in the video, who are not from Smosh, are actually Matt Mehana and Nabil Moo of I Set My Friends On Fire. They were also featured in Sex Ed Rocks and Four Years Foreplay where they recorded the song for Smosh and appeared in the video.
  • This video is filmed at a Quality Inn, as it says on a coat hanger in the back.