Bottled Water is the Amazing Drink that was advertised by Ian and Anthony in the episode AMAZING NEW DRINK!. It is said to be the drink to fill up all requirements in any shape, size and use.

The Product

Bottled Water is one way to drink water without getting poisoned or killled from a faucet's water, in the episode AMAZING NEW DRINK!, it was shown that on this type of bottled water, you can customize the label to have on it whatever you want! Baseball, Zombies, Baseball Zombies, Lungfish, Quidditch, Boobies, Thailand, and Green Beans, to name some. It is shown to heal a shank wound, wash a car and make you fly (not really). It is known to make you pregnant, turn men into women, women into dogs, and create zombies brought back from the dead (Suzie Dixtraw's grandpa was brought back from the dead thanks to bottled water) and to obviously, piss yourself. If you replace your bottle with tap water, the "Bottled Water Police" will arrive, and you'll face severe consequences - in other words, death.


  • On one bottle of water in the episode, it reads "HERPE WATER" on the label.
  • On most of the bottle labels, "TOILET WATER" was on the label.
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