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Robert "Bob" Roberts is a video salesman, Vietnam War veteran, and a "skilled" Internet user, his first appearance being The Internet For Dummies, which aired after Food Battle 2011. He also appears in I WAS BRAINWASHED!, How to Be a YouTube Commenter and How to Make Easy Money. He is played by Ian Hecox.


Bob Roberts is a Vietnam War veteran who is now making videos to help dummies do simple stuff, such as get on the Internet (as shown in "The Internet For Dummies"). He has made other videos, including:

  1. Goldpanning For Dummies
  2. Duke Nukem For Dummies
  3. Hemmoroid Treatment For Dumb F**ks


The Internet For Dummies

Bob is the main character in this video. "The Internet For Dummies" is one of his How-To VHS tapes, and this time, Bob is showing the viewer how to use the Internet.


He had made another "Dummies" video for the Church of Religiotology, entitled "Brainwashing For Dummies." It shows how to brainwash people and join a cult. However, he was shot and killed by a Religiotologist because Bob commented on how stupid the name "Religiotology" sounded.

How to Be a YouTube Commenter

Bob teaches an old man on how to comment on a YouTube video.

How to Make Easy Money

Bob and his friend Stanley Manley teach older people how to make easy money.



  • Everytime Bob makes an appearance in Smosh videos, his fly is visibly down.
  • He had a grandson named Bob Roberts III (Anthony).
  • He seems to have some sort of thing for posting pictures of himself naked with fruit, as implied on The Internet For Dummies.
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