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"Board AF is Back! - Trial by Trolley" is the 108th episode of Board AF that premiered at 5 PM PST on March 13, 2020.


Buy Trial By Trolley here: Thanks to Skybound Games for sponsoring the return of Board AF! We’re playing their new game Trial by Trolley and… trying not to get cancelled.

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An adult party game of moral dilemmas, Trial By Trolley is also available at Target, Walmart, your local games stores and other major retailers. More info on


Round One (Matt)

Team Flurb (Olivia, Sarah & Shayne) vs Team Torb (Damien, Tommy & Courtney)

Round Two (Shayne)

Team Why Me? (Courtney, Olivia & Sarah) vs Team Sure, Ok, IDK (Matt, Damien & Tommy)

Round Three (Sarah)

Team Hoo Hoo (Tommy, Courtney & Olivia) vs Team Ooh Ooh (Shayne, Matt & Damien)

Round Four (Olivia)

Team Olivia's Friends (Damien, Tommy & Courtney) vs Team Olivia's Best Friends (Sarah, Shayne & Matt)

Round Five (Courtney)

Team That's On Period Sis (Matt, Damien & Tommy) vs Team I Love You So Much Courtney (Olivia, Sarah & Shayne)

Round Six (Tommy)

Team Kirby & Ditto Dream Team (Shayne, Matt & Damien) vs Team Tommy's Boys (Courtney, Olivia & Sarah)

Round Seven (Damien)

Team Best Refs (Sarah, Shayne & Matt) vs Team Horsea (Tommy, Courtney & Olivia)

Overall Results

  • =1st - Damien (2 Death Tokens)
  • =1st - Matt (2 Death Tokens)
  • =1st - Shayne (2 Death Tokens)
  • 4th - Tommy (3 Death Tokens)
  • =5th - Courtney (4 Death Tokens)
  • =5th - Olivia (4 Death Tokens)
  • 7th - Sarah (5 Death Tokens)