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BoomBoxer124 BoomBoxer124 21 May 2021

First blog post ever

Bye Anthony

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ReefChong ReefChong 23 July 2019

I’m bored 😐

I’m bored! Please help me! **bored**

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SorcererSupreme21 SorcererSupreme21 16 May 2019

How To Upload Thumbnails

Alrighty boys, if you want to find thumbnails in their highest available quality, I suggest that you use this URL:

Replace the video ID with the ID of the video you want the thumbnail for, and you should be good to go.

I haven't seen a pattern for which videos use the full 1280x720 resolution and which videos use the (mediocre) 480x270 with black bars, but if you come across the latter, I recommend opening up Microsoft Paint and zooming in real close to crop them out. It's weird at first, but it's quick and relatively easy and beats using other things like Google Photos, which are fine in and of themselves, but I want thumbnails uploaded here to be in their highest natural resolution, which …

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Nintendofan885 Nintendofan885 15 May 2019

Grammar Police turns 10

Grammar Police turns 10 today

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Glitchedblood Glitchedblood 11 March 2019


Just testing out the blog function

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Llabball6 Llabball6 28 February 2018

work on here

I'm gonna make the wiki great for shows.

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Wwefanboi Wwefanboi 5 February 2018

Anthony is such a good content creator!

Anthony Padilla is such a good content creator! Keep it up!

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APerfectContradiction APerfectContradiction 15 August 2017


First blog post, woooo!

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NuTNC NuTNC 7 July 2017

Story Time: my feeling - Anthony to leave Smosh

I started watching Smosh since 2012. I look and like so much and funny. Follow the Food Battle from 2013 until the end of 2016. I do not want Anthony to leave Smosh now. But when listening to Anthony's reason, then understand.

I think Ian will be Boss

Smosh Squad and Smosh Games still exist.

Anthony would have work independently.

"I am a fan of Smosh I would like to thank Anthony Because he started building the Smosh website (but I did not have internet at the time. I was in my child) until into YouTube. Smosh's resume will continue to make fun of jokes - NuTNC (that me)"

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Jessicajameson Jessicajameson 15 March 2017

my list of dreams

HI im jessica here are my dreams 

1) To meet SMOSH i love them all . Not trying to be negitive but i wont meet them cause i live in Northan Irland,

2)I really want to meet Olivia Sui and Corntney Miller ( THEY ARE A PART OF SMOSH)

3)go on the voice,Xfacter,Britens got talent 

4)Be a singer (cause i LOVVVVE singing xx

5)For my teater to be proud of me. 

Smosh i really want smosh to see this . well thats it im jessica jameson im 12 years old thanks x 
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Kht48 Kht48 15 July 2016

Week 2 Smosh Camp Thoughts

Here is the Week 2 Thoughts of Smosh Camp.

  • I get that Flitz and Coutrney did not play because of seeing problems, but WHY DID WES NOT PLAY?! If he was there he sould have easily won the game for his team, he is a fairly good shot according to the Winter Games video, ;).
  • And 3 points for Harshmellows.... this is not looking good at all.
  • Both teams were pretty god awful this game... I would probably be just as bad too, though.
  • The end just shows how the Kumbayaaas still have hope. That is adorable, and very enlightening. P.S. I was not the first to actually note that
  • ----------------------------------------------------------
  • The talent show... The talent show...
  • My Top 3 (no order) were definitely Joven, Ian, and Flitz.
  • I feel as if I am the only on…
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Kht48 Kht48 11 July 2016

Week 1 Smosh Camp Thoughts

This will be happening every Sunday for the entirety of Smosh Summer Games.

I will also be including the first episode from the week before.

So right now, here is what I am thinking... (these are my 100% honest opinions, I respect yours too)

  • Wes has to win the MVP, if not a Biggest Improvement award. Not only has he won the dodgeball challenge for his team both times, but he was also the only one to have scored a point for his team in the Slip 'N' Slide game. They really should have awards for Biggest Improvement and Biggest Downfall, because there are some people Who fit for both categories, but Wes, he needs to win an award for Biggest Improvement.
  • Jeez, Noah, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? It's bad enough when Wes ACCIDENTALLY DID IT in the Explodi…

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Jay cruz0216 Jay cruz0216 8 July 2016

When Smosh notices your post on them

Related Civil War to the Smosh Summer Games teams

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Faith Captor Faith Captor 8 June 2016


ok so i am gonna cosplay as Jovenshire during pax! Im so excited!!!!!!

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DemonicBeast DemonicBeast 7 January 2016

CONKER'S BAD FUR DAY (Flippin's Honest Game Trailers)

Here's my second Honest Game Trailer. 

Let's DO DIS!!!

From the company (Rare) whose games were actually easy to find, despite its name, comes another sign of their deceptiveness, by turning their cute, fuzzy, future kids' game character into an alcoholic!

Get ready for the worst hangover of your life as you step into the blue and yellow sneakers of Conker, an alcoholic smartmouth squirrel who wakes up in the Panther Kingdom trying to return home to his hot chipmunk girlfriend after drunkenly walking out of his favorite bar, and tries to avoid the Panther King and his minions so he doesn't end up as a table leg. Hey, they said it, not me.

Meet many odd, wacky, weird, and plain f*cked up beings along the way, like,

  • A stone gargoyle
  • A sunflower wi…

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Atbryan61 Atbryan61 9 November 2015

Inactive members

It sucks that so many of the admins are inactive. But everyone has a life. Lol Oh yeah I got the 56,000 edit :)

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Erik.wallace.395 Erik.wallace.395 4 November 2015

Food Battle 2015

Who's ready for Food Battle X??????????

10 years of Food Battle & it's time for the 10th installment! Below are the winners of each installment every year.

2006: Donut vs Taquitos

Winner: Ian

2007: Donut vs Celery

Winner: Anthony

2008: Donut vs Churros

Winner: Ian

2009: Donut vs Burritos

Winner: Ian

2010: Donut vs Red Hot Chili Pepper

Winner: Anthony

2011: Donut vs Rainbow Lollipop

Winner: Anthony

2012: Donut vs Eggroll

Winner: Anthony in Ian's body

2013: Donut vs Giant Gummy Snake

Winner: Ian

2014: Donut vs Rock Candy

The Food Battle News Reporter

2015: Donut vs Edible Cactus

Comment who you want to win down below! 2 weeks, & 3 days left!

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TsiRoSsS TsiRoSsS 13 October 2015

The Countdown Has Began!

It is now official y'all. The final voting polls for Food Battle X have began. Starting today October 13th until October 23rd you can vote for the three final rounds so YOU can choose Anthony's food for this year. 

  • 1 Full Schedule
    • 1.1 Round 1
    • 1.2 13.10-15.10
    • 1.3 Round 2
    • 1.4 16.10-18.10
    • 1.5 Round 3
    • 1.6 19.10-23.10

Starting today October 13th until October 15th you can vote for the first two winners of the first votes. Edible Cactus Vs. Baguette. Who is going to win? Who will prove victorius? Will they make it to Round 3? Vote now for your favourite food at In the following week we will learn officially our next possible winners. For the time being we only know the dates. You can either view them at or down below…

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TsiRoSsS TsiRoSsS 11 October 2015

Anthony Padilla is dead?

So I just woke up and the first thing I did was grab my phone to watch some videos on YouTube. As usual I went to the Smosh channel and began watching their newest video "How to Get a Girlfriend". While watching the video I was going through the comment section and I saw multiple comments sayin "Anthony you will be missed" as well as the hashtags #RIPANTHONY and #RIPSMOSH.

My first reaction was "What the f**k is going on here?". At least 100 comments were writing about Anthony being dead and the fact that he died in a car crash last night.

After that I went on Twitter and searched for the same hashtags I saw on YouTube #RIPANTHONY and #RIPSMOSH. The same thing. People were tweeting about Anthony being dead and that he died in car crash. Some…

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TsiRoSsS TsiRoSsS 10 October 2015

Food Battle X Is Coming!

  • 1 Food Battle X Is Coming!
  • 2 The Campaign Videos
  • 3 Voting Rounds
    • 3.1 1.10-3.10
    • 3.2 Zucchini Vs. Edible Cactus
    • 3.3 4.10-6.10
    • 3.4 Baguette Vs. Flan
    • 3.5 7.10-9.10
    • 3.6 Chocolate Coated Banana Vs. Ginger
    • 3.7 10.10-12.10
    • 3.8 Spaghetti Vs. Romanesca
    • 3.9 13.10-15.10
    • 3.10 Round 1
    • 3.11 16.10-18.10
    • 3.12 Round 2
    • 3.13 19.10-23.10
    • 3.14 Round 3
    • 3.15 **IMPORTANT NOTE**

It is now official y'all. Food Battle 2015, or should I say Food Battle X, is coming November 20th 2015. Just a day after Smosh's tenth year anniversary.

Announced October 1st 2015, it was made official that the moment fans have been waiting for months is only a month and 19 days ahead.

This year's competitors are Zucchini, Edible Cactus (and yes this is an actual food), Baguette, Flan (it is some kind of pudding, pie or something),

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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 9 October 2015

Gen 5 Honest Trailer Predictions

  • Wait, There's a #0? (Victini)
  • Avril Snivigne
  • Vinesauce
  • Ser-Posterior
  • Bacon
  • A Lifetime Supply of Bacon
  • Infinite Bacon
  • Discount Piplup
  • Du Wot M8?
  • Samurott Jack
  • Your Parents
  • The NSA
  • Wow, Such Pokémon
  • Much Catch
  • Very Evolve
  • Chicken Tendpurrloin
  • Lucky the Liepardchaun
  • Monkey Koopalings (Pansage through Simipour)
  • Fat Piggy Bank
  • Sleeping Buu
  • Bootleg Pidgey
  • Bootleg Pidgeotto
  • Ballroom Blitzle
  • Marty
  • I Love Roggenrola
  • Tripod
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  • Cave Coughs
  • Hairy Golbat
  • They See Me Molin'
  • They Hatin'
  • Audino What Went Wrong
  • You're the Best
  • Bro, Do You Even Lift?
  • Tympoleon Dynamite
  • Testicle Head
  • Blue Balls the Third
  • Ernie
  • Bert
  • Sewaddle Baby, Waddle Baby
  • Lazy Leaf
  • Leavanny Lennox
  • Little Bugger
  • I Came In Like a Wrecking Ball
  • Hardcore Thrillipede
  • Cot…
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Paralie Marquena Paralie Marquena 8 October 2015

Fan Fiction: The Wedding That Never Got Called Off

Many Smosh fans knew about Anthony's ex-fiancee, Kalel.  She was in Smosh videos.  Smosh fans and haters alike read about the breakup, or watched it unfold on Instagrams. 

This is a fan fiction concerning an alternate reality.  Curse words will be written as ****.
September 5th, 2015; 3:44 P.M.:

"I look terrible today, Honey."  Anthony came up from behind her and poked the top of her head.
"You don't have to look perfect for a Smosh video."
"I know, but..."  she looked back at him.  "even you aren't denying it."
"Because I know you'll disagree."  He gave her a smooch and reached to the side of the sink.  "I gotta shave."
Kalel giggled.  "Now who's being ridiculous?!"  Anthony laughed in response.  
"Hair shows up on camera.  And I'm ugly as **** a…

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Hero of the Four Sword Hero of the Four Sword 6 October 2015

Smosh Movie

So about two weeks ago, I acquired the Smosh movie on DVD. This movie, in my opinion, is one of the funniest movies I have watched this year. It's almost like watching one of their videos on your television. Yes, the special effects were cheesy, but that's what made it awesome. It was just like one of there videos. I mean in all honesty, I never would have thought they would have gotten Stone Cold Steve Austin in that movie. And what's best of all this, is that behind all the dumb pranks, language, and awesomeness, there's a lesson to be learned in the movie. Don't change who you are because you think people want you too. And in my eyes, that's what made this movie so awesome!!!

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DemonicBeast DemonicBeast 30 September 2015

SKYLANDERS (Flippin's Honest Game Trailers)

I decided to make my own Honest Game Trailers on my blog. Let's get cookin'!

From the company (Activision) that keeps making unnecessary sequels and ripoffs to their number one franchise (Call of Duty) that become major cash cows, comes an even bigger cash cow franchise, but this time, it's actually designed for kids!   

Get ready for the first toys-to-life video game franchise, and battle a frantic baldie named Kaos, who uses his pure evilness, and pure annoyingness to take over the floating realm of Skylands! Which is pretty pointless, cause he can just take over the Earth like every other villain plans to.

Step into the shoes of the Portal Master, an unseen being that can bring the Skylanders to life, simply by placing their respective fig…

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Sorablade227 Sorablade227 16 September 2015

The SMOSH Video Review

Hey, everybody!!! Mikey here!!!

I wanted to start this blog and review all your favorite SMOSH videos. Now this isn't going to be me being a jerk and stomping all over this guys amazing videos, this is gonna be me doing the exact opposite...defending them from the haters. And I'll do any video you guys request. Food Battles, music videos, to any other video you adore. Just leave it in the comments below. I'm not sure which video I'll do first. Leave me some suggestions.

The Number One SMOSH Fan,

Michael Day

P.S - Happy Birthday to Anthony Padilla!!!

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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 25 August 2015

Skylanders Superchargers Honest Trailer

(Side note: I'm a fan of Skylanders. These are just mere jokes ala Bart Baker.)

From the company that may or may not infringe copyrights, comes the fifth game in the ultimate of gaming Hell.

Skylanders: Superchargers.

Your wallet dies for a fifth time as Spyro, I mean, Spitfire and his team of Nascar rejects adventure through Skylands yet again. See, this is prove that Activision hates its fans.

But if you really want to go through the major feature of this game, adventure in vehicles through land, sea, and sky for more than half the quest. It's just Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts all over again.

Now featuring an online mode that totally ripped off Mario Kart and Nintendo guest stars that make it feel even more like ET for the Atari.

So play the f…

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Oakdaswagga Oakdaswagga 3 August 2015

Question Time!

Should I make page for The Wiener Song (AUTOTUNE)?

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CoolChickLOL CoolChickLOL 27 May 2015


If you have a problem, just ask to me!

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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 16 May 2015

X and Y Honest Trailer Predictions

  • Kenny Chespin
  • Overweight Hedgehog
  • Grass Bowser
  • Ear Plugs
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Gandalf the Red
  • Mini Kermit
  • Frog-Oh Dear, Another Generation?
  • Nerfed Super Soaker
  • Bugs Bunnelby
  • Constipation Face
  • Rockin' Robin
  • Firebird
  • Falcon Punch
  • I'm Melting!
  • I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
  • Illuminati Confirmed
  • Litleonardo Da Vinci
  • The Lion King
  • Tiny Mon Adventures
  • Thanks For the Memories
  • Lady Gaga
  • Goat Simulator
  • Wake Me Up Before You Gogoat
  • Leaf Hoarder
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Bad Hair Day
  • And Now It's Nine in the Afternoon
  • Goth Kids
  • Deathcalibur
  • Doublade the Fun
  • Ghost Link
  • Spritzy Doo
  • Dressed to Kill
  • Cotton Candy
  • Glutton
  • Splatoon
  • Calamari
  • Stand In the Place Where You Live
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Something in the Water
  • Seaweed Every Day
  • Rawket Clawnchair
  • Water Fisticuffs
  • Helio Killed the Radio Star
  • Frill Kill
  • Angry Yoshi
  • I'm …
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JCGaming JCGaming 21 April 2015

About smosh

His gaming channel is Smosh Games. And real life Smosh. Ends here. New video on YouTube

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Robertoneas2002 Robertoneas2002 14 March 2015

If Cartoons Were Real 2 (My Version)

This is my version of If Cartoons Were Real 2.

Here's the script:

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Happy Tree Friends
  • 3 Battle for Dream Island
  • 4 Johnny Test
  • 5 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  • 6 Ending
    • 6.1 To See More and Thanks for Subscribing
  • 7 Shut Up! Opening

In the living room

(Ian and Anthony are watching Fairly OddParents)

Timmy: I've been training to win the big burp-off next week. So I got Cosmo to poof me up some fizzy juice!

Ian: This show is so unrealistic. Nobody would have fairy godparents who have a baby and a dog.

Anthony: How would you know? Does Fairly OddParents suck?

Ian: I don't think so!

Anthony: Whatever, cartoons would still suck if they were realistic.

In Flippy's room

Anthony: Hello? Is anybody there? (trips on a rock)

(Flippy wakes up then he flips out …

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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 17 February 2015

Skylanders Honest Trailer

From Activision, the company that somewhat spawned the MLG fad, comes the most hated video game franchise ever created.


There's the one you hate because they ruined Spyro's design, the one you hate because your favorite Skylanders didn't get Series 2 reposes, the one you hate because it had terrible quality on the Wii, and the one you hate just because. It's basically the Jar Jar Binks of video games.

Choose from over 100 characters, in which half of will never be in the sequel, and complete all sorts of levels that take an hour to clear, to fight enemies that are either really OP or take one hit to kill.

But if that's not enough, try out the minigames hidden in levels such as cannon shooting, bomb throwing, ball rolling, Skystones…

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Atbryan61 Atbryan61 25 December 2014

More voting

I think there should be more voting and contributers of the month additions. This would make the community more invovled and hopefully get more people invovled in our wiki.

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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 24 December 2014

Diamond and Pearl HT Predictions

  • Ernie and Turt
  • Full Grotle Saloon
  • Tower of Torterra
  • Burnzi Buddy
  • Diddy Kong
  • This Monkey is on Fiyaa
  • Private
  • Rico
  • Skipper (nobody cares about Kowalski)
  • Another Bird
  • Another Big Bird
  • Another Bird Slightly Bigger Than That
  • HM Dumpster the Second
  • Justin Beaver
  • Don't Bug Me
  • Mario
  • TheRPGShinx
  • Simba
  • Overpowered Azran
  • Tussle Sprout
  • Kiss from a Roserade
  • Bananados
  • Gotta Go Fast
  • Shieldface
  • Bastardon
  • Sentenced to Burm
  • Wormadayum Gurllll!
  • Baby Mothra
  • Do the Honeybee
  • Bee Movie 2: The Electric Beegalee
  • Squirrelchu
  • Boooiiiise
  • Float On
  • Cherubi Tuesday
  • Feels
  • Shellos Vacations Club
  • Bastardon (oh wait, we did that one already)
  • High Five
  • 99 Dread Balloons
  • The Wright Brothers' First Flight
  • Pat the Bunny
  • Playpoke Bunny
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Counting Honchkrows
  • Glameow Mix
  • Fat Cat
  • Carol of the Bells
  • A Bad…
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SuperSm4shWarrior SuperSm4shWarrior 18 December 2014

Ruby and Sapphier HT Predictions

Two things.

  1. I think Pokémon honest trailer will go on until Gen 6
  2. If there's one thing we love, it's the Pokémon names.

These are my predictions on what the Pokémon will be named.

In Pokédex order

  • Treecko Suave
  • Grass Yoshi
  • Sceptile Scalpel
  • A Hot Chick
  • Spontaneous Combusken
  • Blaze It
  • I Heard U Like Mudkips
  • Marsh Barsh
  • This is my Swampert
  • No Armor Dog, Enemy of Armor Dog
  • Scar's Minions
  • Zigzagoonies
  • Blurred Linoones
  • The Bird and the Wurmple
  • Spiked Egg
  • Butterfree Wannabe
  • Spiked Omelet
  • Another One Bites the Dustox
  • Flat Frog
  • Lombgay
  • LudicYOLO
  • Seedots for Minecraft
  • Leaf Me Alone
  • Holy Crap, What is That?
  • Bug Ninjago
  • Naruto
  • Hanzo the Devil
  • Shake Your Tailow Feather
  • What's That Smellow
  • Flat Toad, Friend of Flat Frog
  • Middle Aged Toadsworth
  • Spinda Bottle
  • Go For the Gull
  • Pelican S**t Vandal…

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Kht48 Kht48 21 November 2014

Who won?

Hey, I just watched the 2014 Food Battle, and sorry for spoilers, but both of them are dead. But here is what happened. Anthony died first, and it was only a while until Ian died. Does this mean that Ian won yet again?

(P.S. From 3:39 to 4:12, the most hilarious thing ever. You have to check it out.)

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Xx Ian Anthony xX Xx Ian Anthony xX 24 August 2014

I love youtube

On YouTube you can discover a whole lot of talent and if you're lucky if you're on YouTube you'll become famous like me"

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A smol bean boi A smol bean boi 13 August 2014

Metroid: AVP (Aliens Vs Predators)

Dear Smosh and Smosh Games,

I would really like to see a vid of a funny Metroid and AVP crossover!! From the makers of The Lion King, GTA and Wolfenstien, Comes a Game like no other...Metroid: AVP (Aliens vs Predators). Starring Cameo apprences of: Nathan Drake, Whaetly, and Judge Doom. so... Kill As and Ps Samus style!!!!!

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Asnow89 Asnow89 6 August 2014

Enter YOUR Community in the 2014 Battle of the Fantasy Foods

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CommanderQuest CommanderQuest 29 July 2014

Definitely not a blog

This is not a blog

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Bunny1002 Bunny1002 22 July 2014


I think there should be a guy named bob and he should look like this:

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Thumbwrumbler82 Thumbwrumbler82 17 June 2014

What Happened?

smosh had over 18000000 subs. that was just 10 hours ago. They lost a lot. Now they only have 17.7M. I don't know how they lost over 350K subs.

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S4G4Wikia S4G4Wikia 22 February 2014

Fix Otaku Taco Truck!

Guys, I found the weirdest thing on a Shut Up! Cartoons page and all it says is "Holy ****". First off, we do NOT allow words that are censored on the wiki UNcencored! Secondly, where are the characters?! We won't know who the characters are or their purposes! SOMEONE FIX IT!

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Russellthedog Russellthedog 4 January 2014

Stevie or Peter Peter

Who do you guys prefer, Stevie or Peter Peter? I prefer Stevie. What do you guys prefer?

Stevie or Peter Stevie Peter

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Captain Warrior Captain Warrior 22 November 2013

Smosh: TV Show

It would be awesome if they had their own tv show, I would definitely watch it. What do you guys think?

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Captain Warrior Captain Warrior 5 November 2013


Just gonna make a blog about me joining the wiki, and to get a badge. You can welcome me in the comments. So yeah...

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TheSitcomLover TheSitcomLover 22 October 2013

A Smosh Movie

Will Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla ever get their own feature film? If they do, that would be pretty good.

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Twelve12 Twelve12 16 October 2013


i am being a creeper from minecraft what are you guys being

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Twelve12 Twelve12 16 October 2013


hi i am really exited for halloween

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Elsajanie Elsajanie 3 October 2013


Hi, I'm Elsa Jane. I'm 14 and I run the WULAS fanpage. I know that that might be weird. Why wouldn't Anthony and Kalel run the page? Well Anthony and Kalel don't even know that there is a WULAS fanpage. That is where you, the reader, come in. If you tweet Kalel, Anthony and the page (@WULASfans) we will follow, retweet, and personally follow you, plus you get a S/O. I know that's not a lot, but what can I do? I'm just a 14 year old girl. Thanks for you help!

Elsajanie (talk) 21:57, October 3, 2013 (UTC)Elsajanie

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