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William "Billy" Hamburger is a character portrayed by Ian Hecox. In Super Virgin Squad he says he's 17, and another video shows him being in high school. Billy is often used in the Smosh videos as a metaphor for obnoxious children or as empathy for teenagers in puberty.


Billy is a 17 year old kid who is not a popular kid in school. He first appeared in Sex Ed Rocks, which teaches him about puberty. His second appearance was in Four Years Foreplay, where he's a freshman in high school. After Four Years Foreplay, he made a dancing cameo in Boxman for President. He then appeared in X-Mas: PORN on Santa's Computer as him going sledding on a non-snowed covered ground, sneaking a peek at a Christmas Gift from his mom, and also seen in X-Mas: Santa Gets Down, as stealing his older brother Brent's brownies to give to Santa Claus on Christmas. He also appeared in Grammar Police chatting with his friend Timmy Blumpkin (played by Anthony) on e-mail and he reported Timmy's grammar mistake to Sergeant Anous (before he worked in the regular police). In Parents Suck!, he is revealed to be a Type-1 Diabetic.

He wears a little beanie hat with a propeller on it that's strapped on his head with a pair of blue skinny jeans and a red Pokemon t-shirt with tennis shoes. In Four Years of Foreplay, he dresses goth to try to get girls to like him better but instead he is beaten up. A t-shirt released that has Billy running on it was released on the Smosh Store in late July or August of 2010, it is now unavailable. A new shirt with a cartoon Billy eating cookies for breakfast (cause he doesn't care) was available on the Smosh Shop, apparently replacing the one mentioned above but is now unavailable as well.

Billy's mother is usually portrayed as an attractive young woman. The identity of his father was once largely unknown. In MIME FAIL! is is said to be Mr. Mime, while in IPhone 5 REAVELED his father is PissedOffDad1969. His father is shown in Wii U Sports is AWESOME! portrayed by Anthony Padilla.


If Holidays Were Real

After two years since the X-Mas trilogy, Billy finally appears again in the Easter and Halloween segments of If Holidays Were Real. In the Easter segment, Billy and his friend were having an Easter egg hunt when Billy wonders where the eggs come from. They walked over to the side of the house where they heard some noises and the two boys were mortified when they find out that the Easter eggs are just the Easter Bunny's excrements. In the Halloween segment, Billy was wearing a Pikachu costume and is excited about getting a lot of candy. His mom tells him to check every candy before he eats it, saying there might be razor blades. Billy doesn't trust her, but when he takes a bite, he starts spewing out blood like a maniac.

Boxman for President

In Boxman for President, Billy only stars as a cameo in the Boxman Dance Time scene where he was dancing along with boxman and other several famous characters.

Mime Fail!

In Mime Fail!, it is revealed that his father is a mime. In the Parenting segment, Billy asks his dad about "the birds and the bees." The mime's hand motions confused Billy, but he totally gets the concept when his dad does pelvic thrusts. After this, his father is arrested by Sgt. Anous.

Parents Suck!

In the music video Parents Suck!, Brent (who for some reason, is named Anthony in the video) and Billy get angry at their mom and decide to move out. However, before they leave, Billy briefly comes back to say bye to his mom and say that he loves her. From there on, Brent and Billy live on their own and do things they couldn't do when they were living with their mom, including Billy watching Bambi and eating glass. However, after getting into serious trouble, Brent calls his mom and asks if they can move back in, in which she replies, "F**k no!"

Billy as seen in MANSPIDER!


Billy appears again in Manspider!, this time with more facial hair. Anthony (as Manspider) spots Billy being bullied in the alley way. In response to Anthony saying, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" the bullies point out that the bullies have the same height and weight of Billy to justify their bullying. Billy was last seen cheering for Anthony as he goes to beat the bullies up, but ultimately fails.

Awesome New Robot!

Billy returns in Awesome New Robot!, as a small cameo dancing in the background of the Bot Best Friend Theme song at the beginning of the video.

iPhone 5 Revealed

He is seen in a "secret" Smosh channel on Youtube, called PissedOffDad1969. He uploads a video of Billy called "My Dumb Son's Birthday", which shows footage of Billy gorging himself with his birthday cake, which was taken from iPhone 5 Revealed to showcase the phone's recording abilities.

Teleporting Fat Guy is BACK!

He is seen on his laptop, when a voice tells him if he remembers teleporting fat guy. Billy says "no." The voice anyway tells him that Teleporting Fat Guy will be appearing on Shut Up! Cartoons!And Billy very mad says "Look I really don't give a s**t!" and he voice says "Wow! Just listen to that excitement! you must want to see a new trailer for it don't you?! and Billy resonds with "NO! i don't want to see a trai--." The voice then shows him the trailer. Afterwords Billy asks where are you hiding? The voice replies with " I'M HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET". Then Billy screams "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!'.

Wii U Sports is Awesome!

He appears playing games that affect the players in real life with his family.

Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!

Billy returns in Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views! when Anthony is waiting for Ian to go to the restroom at the bottom of the staircase. When waiting, Billy and the ghost of Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig walk behind Anthony.

That Damn Movie!

In That Damn Movie!, Billy once appears, although, only makes a cameo. After Ian's short was shown, Billy stood up cheering "That movie kicks some serious ass!"

Dixon Cider

He makes a cameo in the background of the Foster Care scene holding the Pikachu doll shown in various videos.

Jurassic Pokemon

Billy appeared in the Jurassic Pokemon truck eating jello. Then there's a loud boom. Billy says that was him because he just farted from the jello. But it's really the Pikachar. He also appears as an "Annoying boy in a stupid hat who screams like a high-pitched girl."

19 More Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist)

On Clip 17, Billy Hamburger plays pin the tail on the donkey and walks on the street to get hit by a van while the father makes a Vine Video out of it.

Video Game Items in Real Life

A dad adopts 3 Billy look a likes. The first one gets killed by the gravity gun. The second by the rope dart. The third by the BFG Gun.

Every Thanksgiving Ever

Billy appears at the beginning of the episode to tell the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Super Virgin Squad

He is part of the squad and can hover.

Smosh Live

Billy is interviewed for a video about his Smosh work, he passes out during the interview due to having a stroke.

If Movies Were Real 4

Billy was having a nightmare that Jack Skellington was ruining Christmas. Then his father came, asking him if he was OK. He said that he had a nightmare that Christmas already happened. Billy's father told him that Christmas was tomorrow but his parents are getting divorced.

Other Appearances

Billy, as he appears in Super Head Esploder-X

Billy's Christmas Song!

Billy is seen singing about Christmas.

Super Head Esploder-X

He appears as the main character of the game. He supposedly fell asleep and dreamt about being 8-Bit shooting heads.

Join the Smosh Games Aliance!

Billy is seen playing a video game and says that he says that he wants people to see how good he is at playing video games. The voice says there is and tells him about the Smosh Games Alliance Spotlight.

Smosh Comics

Billy appears as a main character in the Smosh comic books. He is a part of a superhero team known as the Super Vrigin Squad, named as such because their superpowers come from their virginity's. Billy's power is the power of flight, aided by his trademark helicopter hat. Billy is portrayed as more intelligent in the comics then in the videos. He is however, still emotional and bratty. He is easily jealous of anyone who tries to come between him, Stevie and Paulie. He is also the most easily distracted by attractive women, but is also the most in-tune with his powers.

In issue 1 Billy is hostile of a possible step-dad for Stevie and helps the other two investigate him. He and Paulie look for clues that he may be no good in his home, but even as they find none Billy still burns down his house.

In issue 2 Billy is extremely upset over having to help a girl named Amanda because he was worried that Paulie was growing close to her. He is rude to her and throws a tantrum to his friends, but still helps her with getting a jock from school to notice her. When the plan goes array and she winds up getting pepper sprayed and takes it out on the squad by vandalizing their V-Cave. Billy is eager to giver her her commupence, but disappointed when it turns out she only went off and formed a dance team.

In issue 3 he is forced by Paulie to help Amanda and two other virgins harness their powers. He is against the idea of anyone else joining the team, but enjoys the idea of being the expert. He is hopeful that Amanda will betray them and prove him right, but instead they are betrayed by Billy's master student, Russ. A rival team of super powered teenagers tell the squad their powers aren't really virgin-powered, which Billy refuses to believe.


  • Billy's shirt design has a picture of various Pokemon with the words "BRING IT ON" under them, followed by the Pokemon logo.
  • The character of Billy has sometimes been mistaken for Stephen from Santa is Real!
  • His last name: Hamburger, has been found out in the extra: Santa Illusions Express and in X-Mas: Santa Gets Down.
  • His most recent appearance was in 19 More Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist) .
  • Billy has his own Christmas song called "Christmastime With Billy", it is on the Sexy Album and the recording session was taped for Ian is Bored.
  • Billy apparently owes a Testicle Enlargement Bill. It also means Billy only has one testicle.
  • Billy has facial hair in Manspider!
    • In Manspider!, it is also the first time the propeller on his beanie spins.
  • Despite being 17 years old, Billy looks like a young child because of his propeller hat.
  • Billy only made appearances in three Season 2013 videos, those videos are Holy Crap! 2 Billion Views!, That Damn Movie!, and Dixon Cider.
  • Billy's stupidity and his name could have derived from Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


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