"Oh, shut up! We're in our forties now. You're nothing compared to the stuff we deal with nowadays."
—Beverly to Pennywise[src]

Beverly "Bev" Marsh is a minor character on Smosh based on the Stephen King character of the same name. She is played by Courtney Miller.


Beverly Marsh (born February 13, 1976) is one of the main characters in Stephen King's 1986 supernatural horror novel It and its film adaptations It (2017) and It Chapter Two (2019). She is played by Sophia Lillis as a child in the first film and by Jessica Chastain in the sequel.

Beverly is the only female member of The Loser's Club, a group of friends in Derry, Maine consisting of her, Bill Denbrough (whom she has a crush on), Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Stan Uris, and Ben Hanscom. Beverly has her own experience with Pennywise when It appears in her home bathroom, and after the rest of the Losers have experiences with It as well, they all go to face the clown. They seemingly defeat It and make an oath that if It returns, they will all return to Derry to defeat It once and for all.

As an adult, Beverly becomes a successful fashion designer. She returns to Berry with the rest of the Losers to defeat Pennywise again when It returns. During this reunion, she lets go of her feelings for Bill and falls in love with Ben Hanscom instead.[1]

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If Movies Were Real 6 It Chapter 2

Pennywise finds himself overshadowed by the challenges of adulthood.

In the segment based on It Chapter Two, Beverly is sitting in casual conversation with Eddie, Mike, and Richie when Pennywise bursts through the door to take revenge on them. Beverly cuts the clown off, telling him to "shut up" and derides him, as they are all in their forties and none of them perceive Pennywise as a threat compared to what they face nowadays. The Losers proceed to list what they face nowadays, including mortgages, back pain, and even their own children. Pennywise, shocked, offers his sympathy and leaves in embarrassment. After Pennywise leaves, Beverly continues a story that involved her showing up to another PTA meeting while drunk.


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