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Best Gift Ever! is the 122nd installment of the IanH show Lunchtime with Smosh.


Ian is driving the car and Anthony is in stitches while sometimes looking into the camera as Ian speaks in a Honey Boo Boo, or valley, voice: "So, oh my God; let me tell you what: My dog skeets on mah feet all day, every day and it's some bull****." Anthony then stops laughing and Ian still continues: "'cause I spent so much money on these Gucci shoes if you know what I'm sayin'." The animation and gaming music then plays.

Dialogue and Events


Driving for the food

Anthony speaks into the camera as Ian is driving, saying they are going to get tacos, and he fake laughs and tells Ian he did not let him say it and continues laughing. Ian starts fake whining and takes off his sunglasses but then stops when he states they have done too much of the crying schtick, Anthony laughing in agreement. They then begin a joking conversation about the usage of fake crying, citing situations where they would fake cry and ending each with a vocalized fake cry.

At the drive-thru

Anthony states he wants some food and they are the only ones at the drive-thru. Therefore, they cannot sing their drive-thru song. As the lady repeats their order back to the them, Ian is looking at the speaker and menu while Anthony is close to the camera mouthing the order. Ian looks back a moment later and tries to mouth the words, as well, but turns back as he is in charge of driving and getting the food into the car. They then have a comical, somewhat nonsensical conversation while the food is being prepared.

The Order

  1. 3 regular tacos
  2. 2 chicken soft tacos
  3. 2 orders of nachos
  4. Iced coffee

Driving Home

Anthony tells Ian the woman probably heard him say that dogs like to skeet on feet, which they joke about for a while, Anthony laughing most of the time, Ian doing a Honey Boo Boo accent to emulate what the woman would have said if she had heard and could actually respond.

At Home

Anthony is taken aback at the Thanksgiving gum balls on the table.

Miscellaneous facts

  • The top comments consist of a handful of people stating how cute Ian is.
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